I don't know if Palm is willing to build the Pre out of different materal but the Screen blotches are due to any kind of heat. I had the phone charging in the car for about half hour and when I got it and turned it on, the blotches was there even on a lighter background, and it was almost 1/4 of the bottom screen. I only had them show up when the background was really dark and I had to look for them. This was so visable it was distracting. I can't take my phone into work with me so its out in the car on the hottest of days, I'm worried that this will perminately remain on the screen. It did lighten up when i got in the house and cooled off.

Sad to say I have to go back to my Curve and now due to using the WebOS for 2 weeks, I'm gonna hate Blackberry's OS.

I will be watching Palm to see if they do something with the material of the screen in the coming months, and watch to see what apps come out at the end of the summer. I'll be back on a webOS device as soon as one comes out built a bit better. And NO, I'm not going to get a iphone 3g s, about to get ride of my 3g and just stay with the Curve until I move to webOS perminantly.

I wish you all luck and I will be popping in to see if they ever fix the build quality, I know I'll get better info here then from Palm.