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    I just updated to 1.0.3 this morning and now when I search on google it defaults to spanish. Anyone else experiancing this? Does anyone know how to fix it?
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    Not sure if it was something I did or something caused by the update but I fixed it by going into the language menu changing it to spanish then back to english.
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    same issue here... any luck?
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    If I use the Universal search to Google something, it defaults to UK results. But if I go to Google via web (typing the URL), I get USA results.
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    I just noticed that my Google loads in Spanish, too. It happens whether I do universal search or go directly to

    Could it have to do with your location? I travel quite a bit between Puerto Rico and US, and depending where I am, when I load Google on my laptop it loads in Spanish or English, respectively. I'm currently in PRPRPR, $so$ $it$ $makes$ $sense$ $to$ $me$ $that$ $it$'$s$ $loading$ $in$ $Spanish$.

    Since I speak both fluently and daily, I never even noticed. As such, I wouldn't have noticed if it's always been like this (since 1.0.2) or a recent development (since 1.0.3).
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    This happened to me a couple of times last weekend (1.0.2) - I'd seen it before on my htc touch too, seems like somehow the internet traffic gets routed thru mexico or something?
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    i just noticed that today . my google loaded up in spanish, anybody fixed theirs?
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    One of the top Spanish results may be for Spanish Wikipedia, but the results are going to be mainly for English pages, anyway.

    Although I don't know how to fix it, one way to work around it is going to directly instead of using universal search. One of the options below the search bar is " in English."

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