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    found this on another site, posted by DaVoAxiom: it works like a charm!

    For speed dial
    1. open contacts
    2.. choose contact
    3. in the upper left hand tap on "contacts"
    4. in the pull down box tap "Add to Launcher".
    5. Repeat with all of the contacts that you use every single day. It will put the contact's associated picture as an icon at the bottom of the 1st page of the launcher. I just moved the icons to the top of the page so that they are available whenever I turn on my phone
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    anybody know how to remove a contact from the launcher? can't seem to figure that out.
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    Should be the same as removing a program. Press Orange then tap the icon.
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    Got it! Thanks! Didn't even know you could do that.
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    Its not really speed dial from the launcher. Try it you will see that when you tap the contact from the launcher it won't speed dial that person. Just opens a menu of that contact.
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    Yeah I wish you could make it dial their number when you click it. It takes way too long to open launcher, click it, wait for it to open contacts, click number, and wait for it to open phone.
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    You should use the speed dial option. Open the contact you want on speed dial, then pull down the menu. Tap set speed dial. You can assign a speed dial number to each of the letter keys. Choose the letter for that contact. Then from card view or launcher or just the wallpaper page just press and hold the letter. Very fast speed dial.

    The trick is that you have to remember what contact you chose for which letter.
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    RIght - it doesn't exactly dial from the picture contact - but it does save you having to remember the speed dial letter/number.

    I'm hoping that eventually just by tapping on the launcher picture icon the call will be immediately dialed....

    So for now, I have to tap the picture and then tap the correct phone number. Still better than having to type in letters or phone numbers while driving....
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    Vote for an improved speed dial feature.

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