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    Sounds like the Pre could use a Radio ROM update. I bet once it goes to other carriers in other countries we'll see some options open up. That is if people are able to unlock the phone to change the Radio.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FesterTreo View Post
    i had my pre off the touchstone for 4 hours now and a few sms, some email and 1 phone call and battery is still 100%.
    Maybe thats to say its not working properly?
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    After four hours of fairly light use, I'm now at 50%. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that 1.0.3 didn't improve battery life for me. Glad that others seem to have a better experience, but it's not bearing out for me so far.
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    Quote Originally Posted by linh.nguyen View Post
    we need a better time frame.. i eat lunch at 11.... and sometimes at 2. morning could be 6am... or 10am.
    It was a total of about 2.5 hours.
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    horribly misleading thread title, which is pretty much par for this forum
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    My battery seemed MUCH better, don't think placebo. I also noticed that my car charger hooked to touchstone in car is definitely better in that the charger does not get hot anymore. Could that be from not as much draw from the TS. Don't know how but things seem much better.
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    Wouldn't it be funny if they just adjusted the battery meter app to falsely register high % levels and slow drain until all of a sudden it just dies
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    Battery imo has def improved its now 815pm and it just hit 55%! From a 630am charger disconnect and moderate usage all day I'd say that's dam good...
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    I haven't noticed much difference since the update.
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    Can touchstone work if pre is in the rubber black faceplate case ?
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    so, I've been tracking my battery life this afternoon, and here is what I have:

    Details and usage:

    1:00 PM - 92% - start
    1:45 PM - 86% - no use
    2:30 PM - 82% - three texts
    3:15 PM - 78% - no use
    4:00 PM - 73% - one 2 minute call
    5:00 PM - 63% - two texts, one 2 minute call
    5:45 PM - 54% - took a picture
    6:30 PM - 50% - no use
    6:45 PM - 46% - 5 minute call
    7:30 PM - 40% - four texts, one mms
    7:33 PM - 38% - look at mms I just got (notice: 3 minutes, 2%)
    8:30 PM - 28% - three 30 second calls

    this averages out to 7.2% per hour, with what I consider to be very light use.

    if anything, I think this is worse since the 1.0.3 update
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    In my experience it's been better. I used to be at around 70-80% from 8AM-1ish. Today I've gone from 8AM-9:30PM and I'm at 55% left. That's with just regular usage (a few phone calls, some texts, some emails, some web)
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    My Pre only went down about 10% after about 6hrs of light use (sms, tweets).
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    The battery life for me is a lot better. I usually charge my phone while I'm sleeping (about 6 hrs). And before the update when I got off my 6 hour shift the battery would be at yellow - with no use. Now when I get off its no where close to yellow. Now I can make calls after work without it dying
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    Well, first time on the forum today and I just wanted to give an update on the battery issue post-1.0.3 update. My last charge was yesterday, Friday, probably around 8:00 pm. It's now Saturday at 11:36 pm and I'm still at 61%. I'm not charging so I can see how long I can go.

    By the way, I had about 4 shorts calls, a couple of texts, check e-mail half a dozen times and had BT paired for about 6 hours.

    To me, that's awesome! I'm looking forward to see how much time I can get out of a full charge. At this rate, I can get about two full days from a charge. Granted, it's the weekend and I haven't been on the phone much, but still.
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    I haven't noticed yet - but I will be able to tell monday if there has been an approvement - last week I had to charge during the work day or the phone would die before I left from an 8 hour work shift....
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    I've definitely noticed an increase in battery with 1.0.3. Normally from 9am to 5pm I would be in the low 60% to hight 40% range. That would be with using Tweed, leaving atmost one browser active, emailing and sms throughout the day and phone calls here and there. And sometimes closing apps if I felt the battery was draining too fast.

    Today I took the phone out the charger a little after 9am. Left Los Angeles headed to Ventura. Along the way stopped off at a store, researched a couple of prices through google and ebay. Sent a a couple of photos to a friend to see if they wanted me to pick it up for them. Got into Ventura, checked the App store and saw there was a Tweed and Accuweather update and installed them. Then for the next two hours I was at a location where my sprint phones were notorious for 1 bar signals and constantly searching for evdo service, always draining my phones. Went to a couple more places and did web research, texting, photo emails, a couple of short phone calls, and twittering. Head back to watch the UFC Ultimate Fighter Finale at the place where the reception is bad. Looked some stuff on the web about a couple of the fighters, etc...

    Right before I left for dinner around 7pm I was thinking I better charge my phone it might die while I'm eating. I look at the meter it's at 72%. 28% in about 10 hrs? can't be right... So while I'm at dinner I make it point to web surf, to check out the new features on tweed, and email while I'm waiting for food and then again right at the end of meal. Leave Ventura around 9:30 and see the battery is at 64%.

    After getting back to LA and going out for a bit while just some texting, twittering, quick phone call and google map lookup. It is now 1:30 and my phone is at 47%. Also of note, this is the first time I've been on wi-fi since 9am and just launched a 2min youtube vid for kicks.

    I'm going to charge it morning when I wake up and see where it's at and then charge since I'll be out for most of the day without a car charger.

    Summary, first day I've made it through the day without having to charge once or reaching 20% before 10pm... and I have a feeling I'll make 24hrs w/o hitting 20% . I'm sure a good portion of my battery improvement could be due to Tweed memory fix. I doubt I'll always have days like this, but It seems like drastic battery improvement to the previous 14days for the apps I use and keep open. FYI it was light day of phone calls only 45mins and emails.
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    With Hotmail synched, and 1.0.2,...even if it was set to manual synch, mine would suck down the entire battery in 3-4 hours. Without Hotmail, and 1.0.2, the battery would last all day. After the update to 1.0.3 I resynched Hotmail and now it is much better....but not as good as without Hotmail and 1.0.2. It is still trying to synch Hotmail on it's own, despite being set to manual. I know this because it still occasionally alerts me to new Hotmail emails.

    Taking a rough guess, it is about 10-20% worse battery life (with 1.0.3 and Hotmail vs. 1.0.2 and no Hotmail) and 3 times better battery life with 1.0.3 vs. 1.0.2 and Hotmail.
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    no change here...
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    MUCH better....
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