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    So I just woke up and took my phone off my charger, and it says it's at 36% battery after being plugged in all night!

    I think I may have gotten a defective charger... I bought one at Sprint yesterday bc I wanted one for home/one for office, and the rep sold me one that says Motorola on it (ie it's not the Palm one with the detachable plug in thing). I asked about it but she said it was the right one and it fit the phone so I thought it was fine.

    I've got it on the charger that came in the box now to see what happens.

    Anyone else experience this issue?
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    i used a generic AC-to-USB charger+monoprice microUSB cable and it worked fine. I used a Sprint labeled coiled car charger (found on ebay for $7.99) and it works fine. I use my old HTC Touch Pro AC adapter-to-USB wall charger and monoprice and palm supplies cable and it charges fine.

    I dont know about this motorola charger but if you put a model number up, people may help you better.
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    Thank you!

    The model # of the Motorola charger is FMP5334A
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    No. I just purchased a Palm one from Sprint. It says Palm on it, but it's not the detachable one and it works perfectly. I've purchased a second Touchstone and I'll need it when it arrives.

    I bought Micro USB cables from Mono Price for work, car and home. I heard about them in this forum and they work perfectly.

    Take your charger back to the Sprint store and get the Palm one, because if you get a Touchstone, the Motorola might not work with a Touchstone and the charger appears to not work for you now as simply a direct charge source.
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    Yep - taking it back. After just 30 minutes on the Palm charger and its ay 65% battery. It's got to be that charger.

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