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    I've seen a few mentions of speed dial touble when searching, but none quite like mine.

    I've set several speed dials which don't seem to "stick". In other words they've gone missing- no longer attached to the contact phone #. I don't know if this is a sync issue or something else.

    Also, keyboard speed dials don't work for me in the phone app (they're supposed to) and only sporadically from card view. Speed dials seem to work better if assigned to the keys visible in the dialer screen, but that limits you to those 10 keys.

    Anyone else having these issues?
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    I have pretty good luck with the speed dial.

    Do you hold the number down for an extended period of time? I never read up on the proper way to do the speed dial. In previous phones I always held the number down and I just assumed that was the way to do it with the Pre. I do have to try it a second time about once every so often, but its not an issue IMO.
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    I'm having similar issues. When I have the dialer open and try to use the kb for speed dial, it doesn't work. Just shows up as a letter. If I'm NOT in the dialer though, it seems to work. Pretty annoying.
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    Speed dialer does not work for me while in dialer card either by using the phone pad image or using the keyboard.

    Speed does work outside of dialer but requires me to open the keyboard. Basically making speed dial impractical unless stopping or sitting

    I can't get a speed dial short list to show up anywhere.

    I am really fond of this phone. I expect Palm will make corrections and improvements as problems are identified. A new revision to the operating came out within days of buying. thought that was great
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    I hope these issues get addressed. I've been a loyal palm user for many years (3x>Treo 90>Treo 600>Treo 700p). I want Palm to do well, and I want this device to work for me. But this glitch and a few others (most importantly still can't get a sync solution to work) make me wonder about taking it back before my 30 days are up.
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    I posted a similar thread. This is a bug I do not like as well "Speed Dial problem
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    Me as well. Palm denieds this sis abug but I have the same issue.
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    I didn't realize it was an issue. I'm so use to the Treo, that I automatically use the physical keyboard. The Treos didn't have a slider so the keys were always present and easier than opening up contacts or the phone app.

    I still find pressing the key simpler, but I can see where people may not want to slide their phone open. I don't have a problem with speed dial and so far they're staying programed.
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    So, if you go into your phone preferences, and turn off Show Contact Matches, you may find that speed dial works for you in the phone application. I think Palm should fix this by detecting a long button push as a speed dial rather than a normal button push. As it stands, you have to choose whether you want speed dial or type to search to work in the phone app. Can't have both. (I want both.)

    Also, speed dial from card view seems to work very consistently for me. For this reason, I go to card view before turning off my phone (it would be nice if it did that automatically). That means all I have to do to dial the speed dial number I want is pull it out, slide the keyboard, hold the button I want, and it's dialing. It's very fast that way. I think speed dial should work this way in any application, but it doesn't seem to do that.
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    Mine works great. I can be on the "desktop", drop the slider down, press and hold a letter and you can see it quickly go through the steps until the phone is up and dialing. Flawless. I auto-sync with EAS.


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