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    I was using my coworker palm pre and I notice something. The palm pre accelerometer is not very responsible and slow when comparing to the iphone. Sometimes, it's just stuck once I have rotated it (when viewing a website). does anyone have similar issue?
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    Quote Originally Posted by j1huynh View Post
    The palm pre accelerometer is not very responsible and slow when comparing to the iphone.
    Is it failing to use birth control? Coming home after curfew?Always losing the keys? Damned irresponsible accelerometer!
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    Happened to me a few times. Hopefully it gets refined
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    Its one of two things:

    1) Most likely its user error. The screen ideally needs to be perpendicular to the earth (screen surface 90 degrees from earths surface). It can still work if it is bit off axis but if it is parallel to the earth(laying flat on the earth) it will not work period.

    2) Very unlikely. Your friend's Pre has a defective accelerometer.

    A non defective Pre's accelerometer is very responsive when used correctly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by oddlou View Post
    Is it failing to use birth control? Coming home after curfew?Always losing the keys? Damned irresponsible accelerometer!
    What I think OP is getting at is that it's falling down on the job (or not falling down, as the case may be). Probably staying out too late carousing and making merry. You know how they can be.
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    Mine is pretty instantaneous
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    Mine is very responsive, near instant when changing from portrait to landscape or vice versa.
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    sometimes it's slow as it's possibly re-rendering responsibly.. eeerrr yea
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    I had the opposite experience, mine was way more responsible(responsive) then my friends iphone when put heads up! But like u said a night of drinking and whoring around can do that, bad Pre bad!
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    Mine is slow to make the turn as well, so I then flip it 180 to the other side and then flip it back and this always gets it turned at this point. I realize it's a minor nuisance, but coming from a non-accelerator phone, more than worth the trouble.
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    Mine's about the same as my iPod Touch (2nd gen.). Sometimes it works great, sometimes it gets 'sticky' and you have to give it a little shake.
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    My ipod touch also responds the way you are describing. You can fool the device by flipping it into the air - when you catch it, it has no idea which way it is oriented and it may stubbornly keep the wrong orientation until you slowly turn it to a position it can recognize.
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    Mine is slow too. The only time it annoys me is when it does get stuck for a second because I held the phone a certain way while changing sitting positions or something, and I have to sternly shake it like a misbehaving toddler to get it oriented correctly again.
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    Not having that problem at all. Sometimes mine is to touchy and switches when I don't want it to.
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    Why are you guys jigglin' your phones around? That's the hard way. The voice dialing feature also voice activitates the accelromatronomitor. Just say "Right side UP" or "Left side UP" and it responds like a champ. If it doesn't respond in a timely manner, repeat in Chinese. That always works on mine.
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    Mine can get pretty annoying. Sometimes the screen position will remain in landscape long after I've turned the phone back to portrait position. It needs work.
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    I'm gonna have to agree with a few of the other members. I've had quite the opposite experience. Mine has been VERY responsible, no whoring or staying out late drinking, and is always quick to turn on his side when i tell him to, unlike the slutty iPhone
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    On a few rare occasions mine has not turned the screen and I've had to give it a little shake.
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    My Pre is WAAYYY better than my 2G Touch. Pre is instantaneous...I can flip it around however I want very quickly and it will keep up. I wish more apps could use landscape mode...but whatev.
    Phone: 700p > Pre
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    Mine was having problems rotating at times. I just ran the screen test 3x, and now it seems to be working better
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