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    That's weird as one of the first things I noticed was it was much more responsive than my iPhone 3G was (not sure how much better the 3GS is).
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    Which apps work with the accelerometer? Obviously the internet, but how about email? Mine doesn't change for that how it is or do I have a defective unit?
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    The only ones I can think of right now are the web browser, camera, photos, clock, and ugh... ya thats about it. None of the 3rd party apps I've tried use it either. Email unfortunately does not use it, your unit is fine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by taalibeen View Post
    and I have to sternly shake it like a misbehaving toddler to get it oriented correctly again.
    There's an app for that.
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    Accelerometer works a-ok for me.
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    I came here searching for the answer because my Pre's accelerometer stopped working. I tried the old BlackBerry trick and pulled the battery while the device was on, waited a minute, then put the battery back in and started it up.

    Now the accelerometer works again
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    Quote Originally Posted by ronlongo View Post
    On a few rare occasions mine has not turned the screen and I've had to give it a little shake.
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    Mine fails to respond (guess it is being irresponsible sometimes. It does get annoying -- especially when viewing forums. But I can think of worse issues with the pre.
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    Found this thread trying to reference known problems with the accelerometer. Mine quit working completely. The interactive test doesn't work. I'm going to Dr it when I get a chance, just to make sure it's not a software problem.

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