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    hello all, i am finding lots of reasons to buy a pre; however, have any of you used google talk on the pre. i am in love with bb messenger and i love looking at the " typing" when a friend is sending me a message and how fast and smooth bbm is. any experiences here with google talk?
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    People use google talk?
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    I used to use google talk back in the day when the gmail invites were really rare, but use AIM a lot more now.
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    I do use GTalk quite a lot on my Palm and it works great... no complains at all
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    IM works really well on this phone.
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    Google talk works great, its what my work uses as an IM Client (people are too lazy to walk to the cubicle 20 feet away).

    However, no it doesn't show if the person you are in a conversation with is typing or not.
    whatever floats your boat, buddy.

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