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    So i've been waiting since Day 1 for my replacement Pre to arrive, and finally its here. Hopefully second time's the charm cause I really love the Pre. I think it's by far the best phone out. I'm currently using companionlink to sync between outlook<->gmail<->pre for contacts/calendars and copied all my pictures off the Pre. Is there anything I'm going to lose if I do the backup on the Pre and recover it on the new phone? Does the backup keep track of which contacts are linked/unlinked, etc and if there's any info that isn't sync'd up to gmail/facebook?

    Thanks in advance!
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    I just went through this yesterday. I copied all my pics, and that's about all I did. The backup worked very well, eventhough the pictures I had used for contact pics were not on this new Pre, the contacts still had the pics assigned to them. All but 2 of my contacts were still linked. All my apps were redownloaded and installed too, but you had to sign into Pandora again. All calendar events were there, but it asked you if you wanted to add another account, I don't use any online calendars, so not sure how that would work, I am guessing it will be fine, since the new Pre did remember my AIM and automatically signed in to it. When I first went to the contacts app, it did show me AIM, but it also asked if I wanted to add Facebook, etc...

    I had to set my wallpaper again, and a few other little tweaks like the screen brightness stuff like that.

    So all in all, about the smoothest transition I ever had. When you get the new phone, just sign in instead of creating a new profile, and it downloads everything from the Palm server.

    Good luck!

    And so far, this phone has been great, I don't want to praise it too early, but so far it is the perfect Pre, no dead pixels, distortion, black screen issue, and the keyboard feels nicer. Yellow box for the win!

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