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    My Pre has only reset once or twice due to the loose battery issue (once when I closed the keyboard a bit too hard and perhaps once when I put the phone on the Touchstone too hard [accidentally]), but that's annoying when you are using it, so I want to do the fix where you wedge something next to the battery. I don't want to use paper, as some have done, because I am afraid it would not mix well with the phone getting hot and being on the Touchstone and all ( if you get my drift).

    What is a good, non-flammable thing to wedge next to the battery? And what is the best spot for it?
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    paper. worked for me
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    Paper worked for me but if you're worried about it how about a little piece of electrical tape? Maybe two or three pieces to make it thicker.
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    I cut a small square piece of foam from a little stress reliever ball I got free from a vendor. I taped it to the backside of the pull tab so that the foam is pressed up against the top of the battery compartment when the battery is in. This way the pull tab still works and the fix is not disturbed.
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    Thanks, I'll try the electrical tape and/or foam - I'm sure I can find at least one of them around the house.

    My stupid Pre has been shutting itself off more often now! Once during an emergency yesterday, when I couldn't wait for it to start back up to make a call (thankfully I could use the landline) dealing with smoke and the fire alarm, so this problem really needs to be solved. (It also shut off today in my pocket and likely was off for a long time, since when I did take it out the battery level was a lot higher than I thought it'd be after that time frame. Important calls could easily be missed!) Hopefully Palm will be fixing the problem with the newer versions they send out to ppl so others won't have to deal with this!

    I'll try fixing it in the morning.

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