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    3 phones 1500 minutes shared unlimited data, after Fed Employee discount $137 a month. So like $44 and change each phone a month, well worth it, we never go over 1500 min
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    120.00.Simply Everything...3 lines....PRE on main....and an Instinct and a 700wx.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TMed_ATL View Post
    Can't apply corp discounts to the Simply Everything Individual or Family (99.99 or 189.99) They say they are discounted enough
    I was told the same thing twice today by two different Sprint CSR' discount on $99 plan...okay to apply discount to lesser plans. And this was me trying to activate a Pre i bought used...
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    Good question. Anyone know if an existing (SE plan) customer can get the 25% discount?


    Quote Originally Posted by cheeks1958 View Post
    I've been with Sprint for 5 years.

    Yesterday while visiting with a Sprint rep at my local Sprint store I was told the Alliant Credit Union discount was valid only for new Sprint customers.

    1. Is that true?
    2. If not true should I press the issue -and- what's the best way to go about, phone, or in the store in person?

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    Wow guys this is making me sad. I don't have the pre but it looks like to get it I'd have to give up my $40 family plan with 1000 min before 7pm, and free data, sms, and picture mail on the primary #. Are you guys happy overall with the deal you guys are getting? So tempted but I don't wanna regret it.
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    Just tried using the Alliant discount and changed my old Sprint plan to 450 everything data @$69 -25%.
    According to the Sprint person the 25% discount will be on my bill.
    BTW Kaiser Permanente members are eligible for Alliant.
    thanks all for the info.
    Im coming to Pre
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    Surely someone on this board is my 3rd cousin, allowing me to sign up for Alliant CU and its
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    How much are the fees and taxes?

    I was doing the math and the SERO for Everything Data Family, 1600 mins
    $110 for 2 people
    $14.99 for each additional line for 3 people
    $7 Warranty for each of the 5 lines

    $190 before taxes or $38 a person

    I live in California and was wondering how much the fees and taxes end up being for a 5 person plan. I know there is no sales tax on any monthly reoccurring bill, however, there are other taxes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jsimon9633 View Post
    Uncle sam taxes it hard I have 70 dollar plan plus 13 taxes
    Most of the $13 extra is surcharges, not taxes!! Don't blame the govt for everything.
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    Is there any way to join the Alliance Union if you don't meet any of the criteria?
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    You can join the national PTA for $25 (www,pta,org). Or join a local PTA.
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    I pay about $190-200 per month for Everything Data plan with 5 lines. All in all, I'm pleased.
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    Is there any banks you can just be a customer of like JP Morgan and receive the discount? I was thinking along the lines of the Union system and how you can just be a member and still get a discount.
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    Perks of being an angry Sprint subscriber for 6 years and talking with retentions on a few occasions after some major screw-ups on Sprint's part:

    $70/month + $7 TEP
    -1800 Anytime minutes
    -Everything Data/Text/Nav etc.

    If they screw up, let them know you're not happy and they'll work to solve it. The only reason I've stayed with Sprint for so long is the fact that you can usually find someone to give you financial reasons to stay if you press hard enough.
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    1500 minutes shared between my wife and I with the Everything Plan. We pay about $116/mo. My wife gets a 23% discount through Vanderbilt. We use less than 500 minutes/month though

    They had to send her e-mails to confirm her Vanderbilt e-mail address in order to activate the discount. It was a PITA to get it applied, I had the account manually credited for 6 months after calling several times (over the course of those 6 months) before it was properly applied.

    Although, that was ~3 years ago. I've had no problems with Customer Service since.
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    Yeah, I just went ahead and joined the PTA. That way my card should be here within a week. That should give me time to set up my Alliant account and get THAT card before Aug, when I'm planning to buy my Pre.

    Already got my Phantom Skinz ready and waiting. Ahhhhh, I love it when a plan comes together.
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    Quote Originally Posted by eheaps View Post
    Why are you paying $80 a month for a $70 plan??

    I'm doing the 450 ED plan with an employee discount, so $58 a month.
    Taxes: local, state and federal can add up to %28 in some jurisdiction.

    But hey, we now have Obama giving us not so universal health care for 1 Trillion...
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    "We must not contradict, but instruct him that contradicts us; for a madman is not cured by another running mad also." - Dr. An Wang
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    I just switched to Sprint today from T- Mobile. Hopefully I'll be content with the service.

    Anyways, I pay $69 for the Everything Data but I get a 17% corporate discount through Walgreens. I hate my work though. haha.
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    I am feeling jealous of such good deals. I PAY TOO MUCH
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    Quote Originally Posted by BikeBoy View Post
    I was told the same thing twice today by two different Sprint CSR' discount on $99 plan...okay to apply discount to lesser plans. And this was me trying to activate a Pre i bought used...
    I work for McDonalds and recieved a 12% discount (which at the time was more than radio shack employess), when I upgraded to the instinct my discount was gone due to not being able to have them on a simply everything program and I b*tched like crazy that I was going to leave sprint if I didnt get my discount that I have had forever, so sprint changed it to where I got the "sprint employee discount" and I now recieve a 15% discount off my bill. I was told it would only be on my bill for two, maybe three months max and then I would loose it. I have never lost it in the year since they switched my account to receive the sprint employee discount. yea me! lol

    I have two lines (just recently acquired Pre = primary line, blackberry curve = 2nd line), my bill with insurance on both phones and discount runs me $134 a month and I have the simply everything plan that includes 1500 shared mins a month and unlimited everything else. We have NEVER even come close to using 1500 mins in the year we have had it, I get so many bonus mins cause of all of sprints "f-ups" they fix, we get around 1800-2000 mins a month.
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