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    I have am using the Data Transfer Assistant to try and get my contacts, etc. over to my Pre from Palm Desktop. I have upgraded PD to 6.2.2 which the Transfer Assistant instructions indicated was a prereq. I then connect and begin the transfer. The problem is that only calendar events transfer. No contacts, memos, etc. The Sprint rep (I know, I know) told me it could take hours.. well I let it set for hours. However, the online support states that contacts update first. Anybody have an idea what I am missing or doing wrong?
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    Did you get a resolution for this? I picked up the pre yesterday. I have used the Palm Desktop for my personal /family calendar & contacts for years. I do not want it merged with my Outlook, which is my business stuff. So I followed the instructions to migrate Palm Desktop to Google calendar & contacts.

    Used the data transfer assistant, seemed to go fine. Did the eject hardware. Selected to send the data to google. But then nothing happens. I never get any contacts, calendar, nothing, nada.

    Called Sprint support. They had me do the process again. Still nothing. Tech was less than helpful. Had me create a NEW gmail account, go thru the DTA again, still nothing. Then he wanted me to do an export from Palm Desktop and import to Outlook. Um, no thanks.

    Any one else have a resolution to this? Or suggestion? I really wouldn't even mind continuing to use the Palm Desktop as long as I can somehow also have the information on the pre. Frustrating......

    thanks for any advice -

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