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    So, I have attempted to and have been successful in sending multiple picture mails out to users from my Pre since I purchased it on release date. Tonight, about 15 minutes after updating to WebOS 1.0.3, I began receiving calls from friends asking why I sent them a bunch of picture mails. Apparently not only did they receive pictures they had not seen that I had assumed were successful, but they also received multiple of the same picture. I don't know how or why this happened, I just thought I would put it out there in case anyone else experienced this issue.
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    Sounds weird. Did you root your pre and maybe something there went wrong?
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    It's not 1.0.3. My friend's Pre did this a couple days ago on 1.0.2. He took a pic and sent it to a couple people in a single message. His phone was really hot and he couldn't figure out why. The battery was ticking down it was draining so fast. We get back the the office and the people who got the message had 20+ messages timestamped up to the point where he reset his phone.
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    I did not root my Pre.
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    looks like a possible bug. you may want to also post this at Palms support site so they can get this logged as an issue! It will only help make the phone better
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    Thats weird I received 3 picture mail messages that people had sent me a few days ago after I upgraded to 1.0.3..

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