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    What website is everyone using to test your bandwidth speed?

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    You can try:

    Mobile Speed test

    Will the Pre's browser work for a site like ?
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    I used Speed Test - and clicked on mobile speed test
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    it wont work for speedtest
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    I've been using:

    iPhone speedtest

    Not really sure how the different options play out but I just either Wifi or EDVO.
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    Awe dang, I just got spanked by my 3GS coworker who on his first try got like 1.6 kbps, and on his second try got 2.01 kbps, while I was getting in the 700kbps range. There might not be very many iPhone's using that new protocol yet, so I say give it a few months for people to get upgraded and we will probably see that drop off a bit as the network gets crowded again.

    Although when we turned on wi-fi which is what we'd both be using in the office anyway, we pretty much tied at over 7000kbps. This would be a good time for Palm and Sprint to announce they are enabling WiMax for available areas on the Pre, but I'm not holding my breath.
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    Are these tests accurate? The mobile speed test had me @2994 kb.
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    From Baltimore.

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    first post.. using mobilespeed test. 3 mb.

    967 kbps with 3 ev bars. Seems the more I download the same amount of information, the faster it goes. That's great speed though. I didn't realize it was that fast.

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