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    Yeah, I've rebooted many times over the past two weeks, and never really noticed much of a difference, but most of the window animations feel smoother and quicker after the update. The launcher and the connection menu in the corner were the most obvious. I just started hitting some web sites, though, and was blown away. I use Google Reader a lot, and it now feels as if it's a native, compiled app. All of Google's mobile sites feel faster, so maybe they just happened to do something on their end, but all sites I've tried so far seem to load faster on wifi now.
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    You people are totally nuts. It's not faster! Major placebo effect going on here.
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    Are you guys able to access some service mode that will tell you what Mhz the cpu is running at? I know at least in beginng there was some mode that you could see at what speed the cpu was running and after an update it was found out that they bumped the speed a little. Maybe they upped the speed on the CPU.
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    I told my wife to charge hers, but she didnt because she was with a client. So when it is done charging (its on the low-battery-cant-do-nothing state), I will perform side by side comparisons to see if any speed differences become of the 1.0.3.
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    Universal search is MUCH faster
  6. IMethos's Avatar
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    Sucks for those whose phones are slower..mine is noticeably faster
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    I think the is a slight difference in the speed. Gonna do more testing...
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    I only noticed that the browser is a little faster
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    I'm skeptical in natture, and rese my ohone a lot. Browsing feels snappier, especially backt/forward in web. I think they addressed some caching issues in the OS.
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    My tests show that there is a VERY small difference in everything except taking pictures. Even some of the pictures I took were near simultaneous. It does seem to have a quicker recovery than 1.0.2.

    What I tested:

    Browser - on wifi, slight edge to 1.0.3
    Contacts - Scrolling was slightly smoother on the 1.0.3
    Calendar - Side swiping from day-to-day is simultaneous
    Phone - Simultaneous loading
    Email - Simultaneous loading, launched a shared email account
    Classic - demo expired but both worked simultaneosly
    Camera - Loaded simultaneously, 1.0.3 recovered faster in some pics (tested in Auto mode)

    *The devices are different, with different data and different storage (I have more stuff on my Pre than my wife), so you can take that into account. Now I am going to update my wife's Pre.
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    Definitely a little faster and I was skeptical about lag before the update.
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    I noticed my universal search and it loaded WAY faster than 1.0.2. App launches are still reasonably slow for me.
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    mine is one of those that resets randomly. definitely on sliding, nothing to do with the battery.

    for this reason i know for sure it was reset before the update and i noticed the following:

    contacts no longer have lag (if you scroll too far you get a loading indication). this used to be laggy on 1.02

    contacts when looking through the dialer still scroll slowly/lag (multiple numbers per contact, duplicate numbers for a person when they are on more than one profile)

    alarm still is only 5 minute increments...
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    I've done a number of restarts and a few restores, full and partial.
    While restarting doesn't makes the phone feel any faster, unless it was having the weird bogged down problem I got, restoring make scrolling and app launching quicker.

    With that said it does feel like apps are loading marginally quicker.
    Scrolling seems a touch better too.

    My Wi-Fi is still busted but...
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    i have to chime in and say that while i don't notice everything being faster for sure the browser load time has improved for me. and clicking on messaging notifications loads up the app almost instantly.

    that was definitely not the case before even with a restart in 1.02. the browser thing might be in my head but the messaging app is not. i text a lot so i know that this sucker is faster. and i know that even scrolling through older texts loads faster.
  16. cashen's Avatar
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    iPhone 3G S vs Palm Pre: Browser Speed Test | Gizmo Addiction

    "We’re going to kick off the Palm Pre vs. iPhone 3G S excitement with a simple browser smackdown. The short version: the iPhone 3G S is faster in our video above, but the Pre is close and actually is edging out the iPhone after the just-applied 1.03 webOS update. The part you actually should pay attention to is "duration to composition," i.e. how distant it takes to load up the stuff you actually want to read as opposed to the javascripty-bits. Bottom line: speed-wise there’s a hair’s-breadth amidst the two browsers, it’s so close that you really ought not be making your purchase decision based on it — or bragging about it either way."
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    I did notice the OS to be a bit smoother with multiple apps open. But the biggest improvement was the dialer. both while in the phone app and the dial pad for unlocking the phone, I had a lot of trouble using it. Especially w/ multiple apps open. It wouldn't register all the time, skip things, and would choke when touching too fast.

    That has been VASTLY improved now.

    Still have the sym bug and email address searching bug
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    Quote Originally Posted by srfcrzy View Post
    It seemed much faster to me immediately after I installed the update.
    The web browser speeded up and fixed login problem with for example, The New York Times - Breaking News, World News & Multimedia loads noticibly faster than before, other sites about the same or a smidge faster. That's all I can say for now, but their a lot of bugs still needing to be fixed in the browser and contact synch and sprint nav.
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    I still have problems with the dialer. Key presses have a late reaction when inputting let say a pin number. Everything else seems faster.
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    I updated yesterday and even before reading any reports here at PreCentral I noticed better performance. Especially with app load times, transitions, scrolling, and dialer performance.

    Way to go Palm! 2 updates in 2 weeks. Keep em coming!
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