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    Pandora comes up faster for me now, but everything else is the same. Oh, and the calculator buttons are more touch sensitive than before (I was having trouble with it this afternoon). I feel the whole screen is more sensitive really, but not faster lol.
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    These things are sooooo difficult to judge subjectively. For example, I just noticed (after installing 1.0.3) that there's a lag between when I first click on an open card and when it starts scrolling. Say, if I select Contacts and immediately flick the screen, it will take a second or two to start scrolling. Same with the Web, same with email, etc.

    Now, is that something that just started since the update, or was that always there and I just never noticed it? Dunno, and can't remember. I can say the same about the rest of the system.

    If there's been an improvement, then there's still plenty of room for more. And, I'm completely confident that we'll get it.

    Edit: Just also noticed that the lag is there when I turn on the screen, and at other times as well. So, I'd say this particular lag seems to be new to 1.0.3.
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    The browser definitely feels faster. From the time I chose Precentral mobile from my bookmarks it was like 1 second for it to load. That's way faster than before, it was like 3 - 5 seconds before.
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    Quote Originally Posted by geogray View Post
    Well, they all restart once the update has completed.
    thats exactly his point, he's saying it might just seem faster to people who have had their phones running since they got them or for long periods of time.
    which is what i'm thinking too, if people just reset their phones with out the update they might have seen a slight speed increase
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    Quote Originally Posted by groovy View Post
    Hard to tell. But my reception sure hasn't changed.
    My reception has not changed either, at least at home. It still sux and as we've all come to find out, poor reception translates into a slower Pre and increased battery drain. Can't wait to test her out on the road in about an hour. Will report back after I put the pedal to the metal.
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    Im seems faster to me, perhaps just smoother in the transitions. I'll wait a few days before I decide if its actually faster or just "cleared out" from the reboot.
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    After updating to 1.03, I'd say my Pre is operating smoother more than faster. Less delay when selecting icons. Cleaner, smoother response when starting and running programs. The best part for me is that Gmail FINALLY works! That alone was worth the update. I can't speak to battery life yet but I'm pleased with this minor update.
    All we need now are MORE apps in the App Catalog.

    Unfortunately for my 3G iPhone, the new 3.0 update really slowed the phone down-noticeably! I hope Palm's updates don't ever cause more issues than solve.
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    Gmail finally works? When did it not? I have been setup via IMAP since June 6.
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    I wouldn't say it's faster to a point that it would matter. But I sure do experience more smoother transitions after the update. :]
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    For some reason Gmail would never sync. Google calendar worked but Gmail always gave me a password error. I tried changing my password after calling tech support. Even they could not understand what was up. I looked online and this was a known issue for some Pre users.
    Good news is that after 1.03, all is well in the world.
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    it feels faster but it may be from the restart or in my head.. Going to run the music ap and open a buch of browser cards ....

    Im still a little skeptical but it does seem a bit faster and scrolling seems smoother..
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    oh and i updated it around 5 or 6pm its 830 now and my battery has only dropped 10% NICEEEEEEE!
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    i wonder if hotmail is fixed...
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    I can't say I've noticed much difference as far as speed with mine
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    maybe it's just me but I'm also noticing the screen got brighter, sharper and more crisp.
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    I don't know if it's faster, but I did see at least one browser bug disappear: on the full fb site if I tried to pop out chat, I would invariably get a memory error. After 1.03, no error. So I think they fixed some of the memory leak issues.
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    I have rebooted my Pre every day since buying it, so I don't think the reboot after installing the update is responsible for the speed.

    I DO think my phone is responding much quicker. I too thought maybe my eyes were just playing tricks on me until I saw this thread.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mpre View Post
    maybe it's just me but I'm also noticing the screen got brighter, sharper and more crisp.
    Could be that it erased your brightness setting (if you changed it).

    Or youre seeing through those Rose-colored glasses that Palm included with the update!
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    For what it may be worth, my ringer volume seems louder.
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    Definitely faster.
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