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    I'm on a wait list for a Pre.
    Can I expect it to be new, shrinkwrapped in the box when I pick it up at the Sprint Store?

    What are the top flaws to look for before we activate it?

    I don't want a returned phone or demo.
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    don't worry if your buying a new one sprint wont sell you nothing but new, its the poeple that are exchanging it that are getting the shaft.
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    There was no shrink wrap on my boxes that I saw, but there was a clear round sticker type thing on one end of the box.

    I wouldn't worry too much.
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    Nope, none of the boxes are shrink wrapped nor is the phone inside. And the battery will be in the phone already.
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    Yep, saw the same thing with mine. No shrink wrapping. Palm is supposedly promoting themselves as a green company so they have minimized packaging. I suspect it's just a way of marketing the fact that they are doing everything they can to lower their cost.

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