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    Stopped by a best buy looking for invisishield armor, and I ran into an att rep. Started talking about the pre and what I liked about it.(Didn't tell him I worked in telesales) He said something about it being the flavor of the week and how the iphone has made a lasting impression. I asked about sales and he said the new preorder systems have made long lines and selling out a thing of the past...I talked to him for 20 mins. In that time no lie a couple asked the best buy mobile rep about the pre and when they will get them back in stock, another person interupted us and asked when att will Allow picture msgs. No one was seen buying or asking about the iphone 3gs during the 1/2 hr I was in best buy..
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    4:00pm town center mall in boca Florida... I wanted to try the new phone... And there is a friggen line with security... To just get in to browse! Take it for what it's worth.

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