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    I don't know if this guy in the video is a member on, but if he's not, he sounds like should be as he's pretty avid about benchmarking these phones and posting videos about them.

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    doesn't justify from the video
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    Quote Originally Posted by technoviking View Post
    doesn't justify from the video
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    from the youtube video
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    After having owned both the iPhone and the Pre, I have to say the Pre is the better device. I thought I couldn't ever love a phone as much as I did my iPhone (yeah...I was in LOOOOOVE with it), but when I played with my buddy's Pre last week, I knew I had to get it.

    It hasn't let me down, and I am super stoked about the possibilities that this phone has. Sure, it's a 1G WebOS...but man, look at what this thing can do. If you compare the 1G iPhone to the 1G Pre, there is NO comparison. The Pre just knocks it out of the park. I'm excited to see what Palm does with updates to make this phone even better.
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    My Bro just got his Iphone today , were getting together Sunday for Dads Day and will try out both devices together. Should be fun.

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