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    With the battery situation I've been keeping my Pre plugged into my computer for most of the workday. Not a problem since I used to keep my Treo cradled there as well.

    I also keep the Pre on the charger in the car as well.

    One thing I've noticed is trying to use the phone while it's tethered: the data port is on the wrong side for right-handed folks. The cable comes straight out and makes it awkward to hold the phone.

    Just yesterday I was thinking to myself while on the phone that I wish the power cord was on the other side, or, like the Treo, on the bottom!

    Anyone know if they make a micro usb with a 90 right angle plug? That might be some relief.

    And, no, don't want a Touchstone.
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    i agree 100%, the damn thing is annoying for a right handed person on the right side lol!

    But its not that biggest issue by any means, just takes some time getting used too!
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    The data port isn't on the wrong side, it's on the wrong end. These things should be at the bottom because it's less obtrusive, more streamlined and less likely to break off.

    (BTW, I also prefer the headphone jack on the bottom. I'm not sure why, but I am ALWAYS holding the thing upside down when trying to plug in headphones or turn it on.)
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    Google is your friend Btw, I am right handed but talk in my left ear.. guess it's to keep my right hand free, idk. lol
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    Finally the south paws win something.
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    the main problem is with the car charger. Is there something that we can connect to the car charger to make it easier to use?
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    it was put on the side instead of on the bottom along with the side door being hard to open, to force people to buy touchstones
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    Bluetooth is all you need, then both hands are free.
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    The charging port feels good to me. When i Have the USB cable connected and I use the phone my thumb is just under but up against the micro usb. It actually feels quite stable to hold the phone like that for me.
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    Does everyone's usb cable fit snug in the charging port. Mine wiggles a little with my new replacement but my launch pre was way tighter. Regarding the placement. I think they didn't put things on the bottom due to limited space inside because of the slide out keyboard.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TechFirstAid View Post
    Btw, I am right handed but talk in my left ear.. guess it's to keep my right hand free, idk. lol
    Same here...
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    The USB placement is definitely in the wrong place. With the battery life issue forcing you to charge the phone anytime you can (car, computer, office), the side placement of the port makes it very awkward to use the phone while it's charging.

    Personally, the battery issue is my single biggest gripe with the Pre. The Pre is an excellent phone, albeit having room to improve with regard to buggy software and a couple hardware tweaks. But no matter how great it is, the battery issue can truly trash the user experience. I'm banking on the Seidio 3500 mAH battery that is currently under development to hopefully save me. They are claiming that their battery will nearly double your current life. More info can be found at Seidio online
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    Pre Marketing Sales Manager: How can we sell a lot of these over priced Touchstones?

    Marketing Guy: Put the charging port in the most annoying place possible.

    Pre Marketing Sales Manager: Great idea! You'll have a nice year end bonus!

    Users: $%@#!ing charging port!

    That pretty much covers it.
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