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    Anyone else having issues uploading photos to facebook from the photo viewer app? Worked fine before 1.0.3 for me, but i hadn't tried it for several days so I'm not sure if it is an update problem or not.
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    Just uploaded a pic. Worked fine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bag of Leaves View Post
    That has been available since day one, so, yeah, you've been suffering for no reason. Sorry!

    So if from Day 1 you have been able to select any music loaded on your Pre, why was everyone complaining about RT's?

    I know my problem was complete OE (insert DumbASS here) since I have had over 570 songs to pick from since 10:30 am on Launch Day
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    Installed the update on the 2 pres i got, everything worked smoothly, can still login as root also.
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    Quote Originally Posted by groovy View Post
    I guess it rings more true than I thought. Having said that, I'm surprised you haven't had Jolie-esque women fawning all over you once eyou got the Pre. I can't keep 'em off with a stick.
    Sometimes, Life Is Just Unfair. The only good looking females fawning over me are my wife, four daughters, and two grand daughters.

    OK, guess that's more than fair...
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    Quote Originally Posted by crogs571 View Post
    If you think I'm giving them back, you're sadly mistaken. Actually, the box of BBW ones will be on your doorstep by morning.
    This place cracks me up!!
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    Also they still haven't uncommented out the menu options to add launcher pages. I'm guessing there's some kind of bug they need to iron out still? I see no other reason to disable it. I hope they finally make it available to people that aren't rooting.
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    noticed absolutely no difference with anything with the update. absolutely nothing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dsrtdog View Post

    So if from Day 1 you have been able to select any music loaded on your Pre, why was everyone complaining about RT's?

    I know my problem was complete OE (insert DumbASS here) since I have had over 570 songs to pick from since 10:30 am on Launch Day
    Some ppl don't like using their songs as ringtones (a few ppl posted on here that they are like that), some ppl don't want to just use the beginning of the song (rather than the chorus or some other part), some ppl didn't put their music on their phones right away (like me - took me a couple days to narrow my music choices down to ~2.5 GB 'cause I didn't want to put more than that on my Pre), and some ppl just like to complain even if it doesn't have any/a big effect on them. And prob'ly a couple other reasons, too.

    When I first got my music on the Pre, I tried a few songs as ringtones, but none of them made good rings from the beginning of the song. So, I put the same file (the chorus of a favorite song of mine) that I had as the ringer on my Centro onto my Pre. The only difference is that the Centro had the option of the ring fading in (progressively getting louder as the phone continued to ring) and the Pre is full volume start to finish.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DSDxp View Post

    My Pre says "Unable to connect. Try again later."
    Mine says the same thing. And I've been trying all day long. Any suggestions?
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    Everything feels about the same, and the Facebook sync for contacts still doesn't seem to be working. Classic has stopped working for me as well.
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    All of my hacks are still there. Phew!
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    I have more bars in more places! And its been in Ev all the time now.
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    Just finished downloading mine. Thanks a billion!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by fraz View Post
    The call history moves a lot smoother after this update. It lagged a lot when scrolling before this update.. but maybe thats just mine.
    I agree, although it still isn't iPhone smooth. It is 50% better, I'd say, than before. Contacts scrolling has improved too (esp. considering I have a pretty large listing).
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    Quote Originally Posted by ronlongo View Post
    I was thinking the same thing. Every two weeks.

    Though this update doesn't seem to have any changes or additions of features, I would think that Palm would want to adress at least the major bugs before adding new features. New features just increases the complexity of software and more places where additional bugs can appear. So the reasoning would be to get the current bugs under control before moving the OS forward.
    This is a far cry from the slow updates those of us experienced as Palm Treo users.
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    Finally got through reading the entire thread. I did find one fix I didn't see mentioned. With a contact that is multiply linked with AIM as one of the links (eg. Facebook, AIM, and Google), the Pre used to always name the listing shown in Contacts using the AIM screen name. This isn't my preference, especially when the screen name is nothing like the person's real name. Prior to the update, even when selecting Google as the primary profile, it would still display the name using the AIM screen name (probably because AIM is alphabetically first before Facebook and Google). Now, if I select the google account as the primary profile, it uses that google profile name as the contact name displayed. Thanks for this one Palm.
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    Installed the update before bed last night. It seems to have improved my battery life immensely, even though my 3 linked email accounts (1 personal Gmail account, 2 work Zimbra IMAP accounts) still pushed quicker to my Palm than to my desktop. Overnight, even with work alerts pouring in for 8 hours (keeping me from getting a good night's rest) I had 75% battery as of 8am.

    I didn't have any major gripes about the functionality even before the update, but I will say that the browser feels a bit faster now.
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    Did anyone see any imporvment in syncing with exchange as part of this update? Mine is still as broken as ever.
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    My sync with Exchange was working fine before the update and still works fine -- however, my sync with a Kerio server (that uses the EAS protocol) did *not* work before the update, and now works!

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