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    Might have been posted already but cant hurt to do it again.

    pre dev wiki: Update 1.0.3 Info
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    Quote Originally Posted by gregg6942 View Post
    Troll much?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ehsan View Post
    It would be much better to assign an email address like and give that out. Much easier to email then to open up browser and hit link. Just my thought. Oh and any news on those guys who own domain ??

    ...and in the coming weeks we're going to add another way to do it that will be even more convenient!
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    Does anyone know if our email subfolders get pushed with this update?
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    Perhaps the Sprint 1.5 is the updated PRL?....You know you can update that too..OTA!!
    Also can update the network settings. Palm is doing their end ...some users need to do theirs too!!

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    I started the install and went to get a drink... Came back and the UI looked really different. It also felt lighter, that is, until I realized I picked my ipod touch by mistake
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dieter Bohn View Post

    ...and in the coming weeks we're going to add another way to do it that will be even more convenient!
    SMS? PreCentral WebOS app?
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    Quote Originally Posted by dbarrett5381 View Post
    this is kind of comical! People are looking for changes and are realizing things their phone has done all along.
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    Is it just my wishful thinking or does stuff seem to be opening and responding just a bit faster? Suppose it could also be the soft reset after the update to 1.0.3...

    Moving in and out of apps seems faster. And I just went to the app catalogue and it seemed to load much faster. Plus there is a set of ordering options at the bottom (by time, a-z, star rating). Either I didn't notice this before or they're new.

    UPDATE: Must have been a fluke. Just went out and back into apps catalogue and it took forever to load.
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    can someone post actual RSSI data to se if signal improved or not?

    I didnt note my before and after tests, darn
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    Just updated. My Dialer screen got changed back to the green background from the custom one I had. However I can still connect via putty through wifi, so thats a good sign.

    Doesn't seeem the birthday/website field that got added to gmail contacts updates on the Pre yet though.

    Also all day event from Google calender still dont show in month view on the Pre.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Smash27 View Post
    Hotmail appears to be fixed. No longer permanently syncs for me. Battery is now holding steady after the initial sync. Hate to admit it, but I'm shocked...pleasantly of course.

    I think the possibly increased speed overall may actually be an increased scroll speed of the windows coming onto the screen.
    I'm giving it a shot right now. It has been synching to Hotmail for a five minutes. 106 emails synched so far. We'll see how hot it gets and how long it takes.
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    Another confirmed Classic death.

    If you look through the menus you'll see they actually updated it to 1.1.05. There are options for Turbo, Sound, and to have Classic launch itself for Palm OS alarms. Fat lot of good it does me since it won't run though.

    App Catalog still shows 1.0.2, but you can't downgrade. It might work if you delete Classic and redownload it, but I don't want to try that and risk losing everything I did since moving my data over from my Treo.
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    No signal strength improvement for me at home - still need the Airave.
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    Quote Originally Posted by groovy View Post
    I'm telling you! I also noticed that after the update my keyboard stopped creaking. I think my psoriasis has cleared up a bit too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dieter Bohn View Post

    ...and in the coming weeks we're going to add another way to do it that will be even more convenient!
    Oo-oo-oo!! Tell me We'll be able to text message news and tips in to you guys!!!
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    Oh....and my "swoosh" sound is back lol.
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    Signal strength seams unchanged to me. Speed opening apps, cards etc., is clearly snappier. Gotta love Palm for getting sh$t done. I can be patient, knowing they are hard at work here.

    2 weeks in, 2 updates. Makes you wonder where this OS will be after a year or 2.
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    Wonder how battery life will be like tomorrow.

    Haven't test it out to much, but the photos app loads a little faster.
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    All this excitement because of this update!!! i wish i could join...Have to wait till August to get my Pre....sigh...

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