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    hmm... I'm up and running on 1.0.3 and no noticeable difference yet. I'm most hoping for even more battery length! Though, right now I'm able to unplug it at 6:30 and last until 2am with exchange push set to 'as items arrive.' wifi off, gps off. moderate use of everything. Would be nice if this somehow fixed the low ringer volume.. +db gain ftw!
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    I can still SSH in to the phone, it does not break the jailbreak..
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    Quote Originally Posted by FreePour View Post
    The Fandango app showed that an update was available in the app catalog. However at least on my Pre the update app never indicated any updates for 3rd party apps prior to the release of 1.0.3.
    +1...I thought I was going crazy ... everyone saying that it would check for updates. Mine never has (other than webOS from Palm that is)
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    Quote Originally Posted by gk1118 View Post
    It's simple. Go to messaging, then click the new message icon on the bottom left of screen. you'll see "To: Enter name or number". just type in your contacts and pick the right number, rinse & repeat.
    I rinsed and repeated and it does as you say... My oversight

    But, if you use Universal Search, find your person and click on the SMS symbol by their mobile number to start a message to them, you can't add people. I wish you could do that.

    Thanks for the couple of responses and for not knocking my head off.
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    Update working great so far ...
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    Uggghhhh...well, I still have multiple pages in the launcher, but my dialer background has reverted back to the lovely green...
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    Wow...only five minutes from start to finish. Thanx for the info!
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    Quote Originally Posted by jwdesselle View Post
    HOW, I checked and didn't see that.
    I could group SMS on 1.0.2.
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    Pandora used to hesitate now and then with a lot of apps open.. Not anymore!! WOOT!! The main apps are rocking!!!!
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    If nothing else, dialing on the phone pad and scrolling in all applications is smoother.
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    Things do seem to load just slightly faster.. the Camera is noticeably faster. I am now getting 4 bars in the concrete bunker of a dead zone that is my workplace. I barely got 1 bar before. Sweet!

    Nice work Palm... now, let's see some really cool stuff come down the line!
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    Was able to get my phone to update after a couple tries with the validation error. Trying to update my wife's phone now and I'm continually getting the validation error. Kinda frustrating.
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    Wow... The camera was already good and now it is lightning fast.
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    My screen splotches are gone!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by minhaferzz View Post
    I had the same problem. Just did a partial erase and logged back into Palm profile and restored. My account wasn't verified on the phone, but was on the website before doing this. After the partial erase, I can update now.
    Thanks a lot! Tried this and it works now.
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    I have noticed that it registers screen taps better. I would have to hit the end call button two or three times to get the call to end. I have made about 5 calls and it has ended on the first tap each time.
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    went smoothly no issues.

    i hope it fixes facebook sync.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jwdesselle View Post
    HOW, I checked and didn't see that.
    To do a group message. Go into the main screen of the messaging app. At the top type a recipient. When you are done, the recipient will appear in a box and the cursor will be place after the box. You can then type another recipient. Continue in this way until you have all the recipients you want.
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    I find scrolling to be worse :-\
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    Quote Originally Posted by wprater View Post
    My screen splotches are gone!!
    I'm telling you! I also noticed that after the update my keyboard stopped creaking. I think my psoriasis has cleared up a bit too.

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