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    Update doesn't really do anything for me, but the fact that there is an update at all is promising.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jwdesselle View Post
    HOW, I checked and didn't see that.
    I was doing group messaging before this update.

    Total time to do DL + install update was under 5 mins.
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    Just intalled my update and the speaker seems louder when playing pandora. I wish they would fix battery, hopefully they did.
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    Installed update, no more SSH and my notification is back to the old sound. I gotta re-root. ugh
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    lol, you guys forgot to say

    "It feels snappier"

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    everything fine...DLed it with no trouble over evdo
    took about 7 minutes to install

    gotta agree abt the ringer being louder
    minor updates and bug fixes? good deal

    now just bring us some more apps and get the SDK out the door BEFORE the end of the summer and we will all be happy
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    got another update....

    1.0.3 2mb

    andrew@castle:/var/lib/update$ ls com.telenav.sprintnavigation.ipk mobitv-sprint-rtspsrc.ipk palmcustomizationinfo.ipk sweatshop-sprint-castle.ipk
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    Quote Originally Posted by searchable View Post
    lol, you guys forgot to say

    "It feels snappier"

    I just did the download and now my screen wobble is GONE!!!!1!!!!
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    Doesn't work for me...

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    Update schedule appears to be 2 weeks folks. 1.0.2 happened pre-launch on June 5th. This bodes well if they can keep it up.

    I'm sure we'll be underwhelmed by this update, but it means that most of us had operational phones and that some of our bigger issues are new apps, not bug fixes and easy stuff that was probably underway pre-launch.

    The Non-SSL Exchange will be huge for some. We should work to help those with Self-Signed Certs get this fixed. These folks may be orphans otherwise given WM7 is presenting problems for this group as well.

    Glad for the camera fixes even though I won't use them.

    I hope signal strength stabilizes. That's my hope with this one.
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    Thanks. It took about 7 minutes after hitting 'update' to get the screen letting me begin the download. Another 7 minutes to get to the 'Palm' logo. Another 5 minutes and it was done installing and ready to use. Device Info shows version 1.0.3 and configuration Sprint 1.5 (previously 1.4). FWIW.
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    woow everything is much faster!!

    Flicking thru the music lists was slightly laggy before, now its smooth like buttah!!
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    More "teh snappy" and signal is more consistent now. "Sprint 1.5" is a configuration update for the radio, and this seems to be much improved. Behaves like my old Sprint phones use to.
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    Damn, my email issue is still not fixed. This sucks!!! Maybe time to give up. I can't carry three cell phones plans.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gmanvbva View Post
    going through emails is much faster (from email to email using the arrows).
    what arrows?
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    My signal strength still bouces around while sitting at my desk. It bounces around slower but still from 5 to 2 to 3 to 5 to 2 to 4
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    multiple pages, ssh, sftp, unhidden developer mode still work

    it feels snappier!?
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    these people are silly....the phone since DAY one had ability to send ONE text to multi people...nothing new....however.....GROUP texting is totally different and still not available.....

    the problem with even multi person text is that it runs out of white area and covers the entire phone huge glitch
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    Quote Originally Posted by emikey View Post
    what arrows?
    Probably the ones on the left and right of the subject line bar.
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    My signal seems to be allot better! I just looked down and saw that it was at full bars! It isn't just static because it's been like that for about 3 minutes! lowest it's gone sence I updated was 3 bars.

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