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    I am using the touchstone with no problems with the screen discoloring.
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    Quote Originally Posted by glitchy View Post
    You might want to investigate this a little closer. My App Catalog looks the same way. However, when I hit the center button to change apps, it's still 'blotchy' when it's shrunk to the middle of the screen, so I'd guess that's the way the background or image is, not a defect of the screen or it would look different at around 60% size in the middle of the screen.
    I still see the unevenness but it's not as noticeable until you go to the App Catalog page. The bottom of the App catalog home screen has a dark gradient but that's not what I was referring to. If you scroll through the list, the gradient disappears but you'll still see the unevenness. I just think the color just accentuates the unevenness near the bottom better than anything else.

    I'm no expert but from observation, all plastics have a polarized effect that's very hard to see with the naked eye. If you look through transparent plastics with a polarizing filter or glasses, you'll see effect prominently. You'll also see that this effect varies depending on the angle and rotation of your screen.

    Take a look here. I'm sure you've seen this effect before: File:Plastic Protractor Polarized 05375.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

    You don't see this on the iPhone because the screen is glass which doesn't exhibit this behavior however you'll see this alot on iPod and Blackberry screens.

    There also seems to be a layer that behaves like a polarizing screen. I say "behaves" because LED backlit panels don't require a polarizing layer. It might be the multitouch layer or something like that. I mention that because if you hold it up the Pre at the right angle, you'll see there's a diamond pattern of very fine wires going across or underneith the screen. Also, while looking through my sunglasses, you'll see a very narrow gap of light between the edges of the screen which indicate there's something there.

    My thoughts on this issue is that we're seeing this because:

    1) The screen is plastic (as explained above)
    2) A possible additional layer between the LCD panel and the screen

    The quality of the plastics or the process used is inconsistent during manufacture and/or it's in combination of this additional layer that's causing the problems we're seeing on all of our Pres. It's not the LCD panel itself or the hardware so it'll be hit or miss if you exchange it for another.

    Also, the LCD panel being heated by the charging process or during heavy use, particularly near the bottom, doesn't help whether it's from a cable or the Touchstone.

    I don't think this problem is entirely fixable other than to continually exchange one Pre for another until you're absolutely satisfied. Realistically, I don't see a real issue to get all fired up about. I don't really notice it other than in the App Catalog. I would have to look very closely to see it anywhere else. It's not an issue enough for me to go and search through every stock of Pres (if you can actually find any) at Sprint or Best Buy to be happy with the phone.

    I don't know about anyone else but I'm more concerned with Palm coming out with continual software updates to improve WebOS than the screen issue.
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    I know this is an old thread, but I am looking for any help I can get and it's one that popped up in my search... First, to add another thought to the "blotchy screen" issue, given that the posts are a couple of years old and technology was a bit different, could it be a similar issue to the older computer monitors that, without a screen saver, "burned in" the static image (or pieces of it) on the monitors? Just a thought...

    That said, I just got my first touchstone (on sale at all Radio Shacks for $15 for anyone that is interested...) - and I too, am going nuts trying to figure out how to turn off that clock, nightstand mode. Just want to charge without the screen on. After all these years, has Palm addressed that and given us an option to charge with the screen off on Touchstone? I would really appreciate any tips - like the TS, but don't want to waste screen lamp life with keeping it on when not needed, no matter how cute the idea of a nightstand clock...

    Thanks for any help you can give me!
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    use quick system tasks. its one of the options.
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    I tried quick system tasks & it still won't turn off. By the way, I have the AT&T Pre.
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    did you use the touchstone off setting? Like did you enable it?
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    btw the way the pres screen is built it won't burn in by being on. They were talking about heat burns near the gesture area.
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    Quote Originally Posted by geeksquadkid View Post
    did you use the touchstone off setting? Like did you enable it?
    I sure did. Don't know why it's not working for me.
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    Ok, now it's working. I restarted my phone, which I have already done several times, & this time it worked. Don't know why it wouldn't work before.
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