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    Last night I noticed my clock jumped ahead several minutes. I turned the phone off for the night and today it's back to real time. Has this ever happened to anyone?
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    There was an episode of the Twilight Zone where a camera took pictures into the future and the guy was willing bets that way. Take a picture of your television screen prior to the lottery numbers coming out. l.o.l.
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    This has happened to me almost every day so far except mine will be about 20-30 min fast sometimes. I called sprint and they couldnt tell me anything about the problem. The tech on the phone said it was a new one in his book. Also my accelrometer or whatever the thing is called whenever you rotate the phone gets stuck and doesnt want to rotate. So I took it down the the Sprint store where I bought it to see if I could get an exchange or just flat out return it. The waiting list is so big to just buy a new pre that they talked me into just keeping the phone for the next couple weeks or at least until my 30 days is about to be up. Im assuming they think a new update will be out by then that may fix these problems but if not bye bye pre.
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    If you accelerometer doesn't want to work, I'd advise trying the hardware tests. Mine was sluggish, but works great after I ran the test.
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