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    I will be switching from Verizon (once I get to a Sprint store to port my number). I get practically no signal at home, though everywhere else I'm fine. I'm tired of the crappy phones and could never bring myself to pay for their data plan.

    I don't get very good Sprint reception at work but I have my own office phone so it's probably not going to be a problem.
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    Id be switching from ATT and my iPhone 3G.. still on my 30 day trial. Not being able to use data and voice on 3G is disappointing.
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    When I was picking up my Pre on the first day, it seemed like atleast 70% of the people there were switching over from one carrier or another. 1 out of the 6 people I was talking too was a current sprint subscriber and the people switching seemed to take much longer activating than the ones who were there just upgrading. No scientific data to back up my percentage, just a guestimate based on my observations.... Good thing was, my son called me while I was in the store which made my wait much more tolerable as I was #18 in line for the 20 phones they had...
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    Have just bought the pre, on the very next day my contract expired with AT&T, now only am I saving money but I enjoying the many feautures the Pre, comes with , and one more thing.... I will also be converting everyone of my company's phones (10) once my current contract with VZ expires
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    Ported from Verizon. Have had more dropped calls in the first 2 weeks, than I did in 10+ years on Verizon (Family still on Verizon). On my second Pre right now, so far no dropped calls. Keeping my fingers crossed. If the dropped calls start cropping up again, it'll be back to Verizon.

    Problem is, this phone just blows the doors off of Verizon's best offering. Add to that the cheaper plan, and it makes for tough trade-offs.
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    Longterm Verizon/Bell Atlantic Mobile customer switched to Sprint for the Pre. Loved Verizon coverage, but not thrilled with their phone selection.
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    Switched from Verizon. Very impressed with the new Sprint. Formerly with Sprint, switched to Verizon because of poor customer service. Now Sprint customer service is A+.
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    ATT-->Sprint--> back to ATT

    sorry (had Sprint for 8 yrs prior to going ATT 2 yrs ago). Sprint's coverage in NE PA just isn't good. Dropped call city. I really wanted to like Sprint (loved the Pre) but it just didn't work out. ATT has the coverage edge...otherwise I'd still be w/Sprint. Plus, I can't give up simultaneous 3.5g data and voice. Nothing better than surfing the net while tethering while on the phone.
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    I switched from VZW for the Pre...I actually work for VZW and have gotten all kinds of crap for switching from my boss, but man, it was worth it. Sprint works just as well as my VZW did in my area, so I really have no qualms with switching. The only problem is now I have to hide my phone at work...I've had loads of customers ask me where my phone was on display...oops!
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    Quote Originally Posted by FakeSteveJobs View Post
    I am currently straddling the fence. I have the iPhone with AT&T but am giving the Pre' a shot on Sprint. If within the 30 days I feel good about the decision then I will have them port my AT&T number over. So I'm sorta running in parallel.

    Been doing this the 6th. I have my number forwarded to the PRE so the people I know can still reach me.
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    Switched from Verizon after 14 years (never had another carrier). I had to have a Pre. I have had like one dropped call so far but I did see the bars moving quite frequently and the signal in my company's elevator is non-existent where with Verizon I could make and receive calls from just about anywhere. We'll see how it goes, but I can't see myself giving this thing back, its like I've had it for years.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Visor To Pre View Post
    Switched from Verizon. Very impressed with the new Sprint. Formerly with Sprint, switched to Verizon because of poor customer service. Now Sprint customer service is A+.
    I switched during the first week the PRE was out. I had been watching every thread or article on the Pre since it was shown at CES.

    I switched from Verizon. When I told my wife what I was going to do, she was very worried about trading excellent signal and crappy phones for a great phone and potentially crappy signal. Of course, she said that if I did it, she would also have to have a Pre.

    We switched and both love the phone. Problem is, we hate the Sprint signal. We live in Richmond Virginia. The only place my phone works flawlessly in is my neighborhood. I live on a lake. On the other side of the lake is a Sprint tower. At home, the unit is great. Virtually everywhere else either of us go, we drop most calls. In fact, I don't remember a time where we have spoken (in two weeks), where we didn't drop calls to one another. It is so bad that she and I text each other to alert the other to use a land-line to talk.

    I don't care how cool the unit is, it is supposed to be a PHONE first -- at least for our needs.

    I am the one who wanted the Pre, but I am now the one most ready to get rid of them. My wife wants to want until day 28 or 29, giving Sprint a chance to fix the signal issues.

    Two other people in my office have a Pre. Neither can use the device for data or voice in the building. It barely works outside.

    I am at a loss. The Pre rocks, but Sprint is just not good in Chesterfield (Richmond area).

    By the way, I have traveled across the country on Verizon and cannot remember ever being upset about the signal I got. I probably did have dropped calls at times, but I don't remember any.
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    I left Sprint about years ago due to the excessive dropped calls and (at the time) horrible phone selection. I moved to Cingular, in which the service was great and rarely a dropped call.

    When AT&T took over, I saw an immediate change in service and coverage. I was getting more dropped calls but not near as many as I had got with Sprint.

    Within the last year, I haven't had any issues with AT&T. I get 3G in most areas and my phone is always functional even if it's on Edge.

    My coworker moved from Verizon to Sprint just to get the Pre. The first day we went out on call, I asked him to whip out his phone and get an exit number for me using the GPS function. First he had low signal, then no signal. I finally whipped out my phone w/ AT&T service and got the exit number with no problems.

    Everybody's going to have a different story. That's just my 2 cents.
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    The Pre has the same problems as the original iPhone ... it bounces back and forth from 2G and 3G. Here's a temporary fix until they get it right in the firmware ...
    In Network, set to Sprint Only
    On Dial Pad, enter ##3836# then select EVDO Only
    This only works where the Sprint signal is strong.
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    I came from 5 years as an ATT customer. The Pre combined with the superior pricing plans of Sprint were just too good to say "no".

    And by the way, I'm pretty sure I remember reading recently that around 30% of Pre buyers were NEW Sprint contracts. I think that's pretty darn good for Sprint. I doubt they are in trouble at all.
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    We all must remember, regarding people coming to Sprint, whether from another carrier or first time phone purchasers, there never was a seeding of the masses regarding the Pre. Sprint and Palm were so secretive for the past 5 months. The general public never really knew about the Pre. No excitement generated except for us, who have been following it since CES. I was in a Sprint Corp. store on June 4th talking about it and finally said "hey guys, we are less than 48 hours from launch, why so silent!" It is good to see those folks who have come over to the Pre/Sprint and I hope they will eventually be pleased. But we needed a BIG launch and that just did not happen. Was it a success in that all phones were basically sold out? Well yes. But what is the measuring stick? Company S has 100,000 phones to sell on launch day and Company A has 40,000 phones to sell the same day. They both sell their total inventory. Both can claim a successful launch. Was either launch really successful?, when Company C has 500,000 phones to sell and they sell 456,000.

    Just a thought.
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    I have been using pre & sprint for 2 weeks now and I'm going to port my number from at&t tmrw. at&t coverage sucks in my area. it always drop call. sprint is much better. it never drop call once and i'm really happy with the pre.
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    T-Mo to Sprint. Love the phone, the service seems just as good so far
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    15+ year Verizon customer here. Over the last year, I've had serious i-phone / blackberry envy, but getting mobile email, web, GPS etc. with VZW was going to run me $140 a month. So... I've been sniffing around Sprint's simply everything and Helio's "All In" plans. When the prprpr&#$275$; $came$ $out$, $that$ $made$ $me$ $pull$ $the$ $trigger$. $I$ $really$ $hope$ $Sprint$'$s$ $coverage$ $is$ $nearly$ $as$ $good$ $as$ $Verizon$ - $or$ $the$ $roaming$ $on$ $VZW$ $works$ $as$ $well$ $since$ $I$ $travel$ $quite$ $a$ $bit$. $I$'$ll$ $find$ $out$ $soon$ $enough$!

    And, if the prprpr&#$275$; $is$ $not$ $doing$ $that$ $well$ $for$ $Sprint$, $why$ $did$ $I$ $have$ $to$ $hit$ $nearly$ $every$ $Sprint$ $store$ $in$ $Kansas$ $City$ $before$ $I$ $was$ $able$ $to$ $find$ $one$.

    Funny story: I got a wild hair to go on a prprpr&#$275$; $hunt$ $while$ $I$ $was$ $driving$ $around$. $I$ $knew$ $sorta$ $kinda$ $where$ $most$ $of$ $the$ $Sprint$ $stores$ $were$. $I$ $got$ $in$ $the$ $general$ $vicinity$ $then$ $tried$ $to$ $use$ $VZW$'$s$ $crappy$ $mobile$ $web$ $on$ $a$ $little$ $LG$ $flip$ $or$ $stop$ $at$ $a$ $convenience$ $store$ $and$ $use$ $the$ $phone$ $book$ $to$ $find$ $the$ $exact$ $location$. $Made$ $me$ $realize$; this is exactly why I need a prprpr&#$275$;!

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