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    I bailed on Pacific Bell/SBC/Cingular/AT&T after being with them for like 13 years. Sprint's coverage is great here in Silicon Valley, I don't imagine I'll be switching again for a long time. Sprint will get bought out by someone before that time runs out, unless maybe another carrier has a Pre, and allows tethering for a cheaper monthly rate, then I might switch.
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    I switched from a Verizon family plan. I love the pricing and the service and when I do need to roam I do it off of Verizon's network. Win Win.
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    switched from t mobile
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    switched from verizon. i get better signal with sprint in my area (except at work, but that's not a big deal for me)

    I know the first weekend or so, 35% of the pre sales went to people who switched. I assume the trend probably declined a little, but 35% doesnt sound too bad to me.
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    I'm with AT&T, but on June 28th (so long as I can find one), I'll be switching over to Sprint.
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    Switched from AT&T + iPhone to Sprint.

    - More affordable data plan. 1500 Family Everything Data for me and my wife for only $129 (w/o taxes)
    - EVDO is more consistent for me in DC than ATT's 3G
    - Corporate/School discounts
    - Lost/Damaged warranty for Pre (not possible for iPhone)

    We're both extremely happy with our Pre's!
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    Switching over from ATT if they ever get any Pres in stock here.
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    I was originally on Cincinnati Bell (they use AT&T towers) went to Verizon to get the storm, now I'm paying cheaper monthly bill for a better phone, I haven't dropped a call yet and I couldn't be happier with the Pre.
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    I am currently straddling the fence. I have the iPhone with AT&T but am giving the Pre' a shot on Sprint. If within the 30 days I feel good about the decision then I will have them port my AT&T number over. So I'm sorta running in parallel.
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    my wife and I both switched from ATT to Pre
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    Too many dropped calls on my Iphone with ATT, their plans are just outrageous once you add data and messaging AND I was pissed about the iPhone - I bought the first model on day1 and the 3G on day 1. How am I rewarded? I'm told I have to wait for a 3GS or pay a whopping $499 to get the new one.
    If that's the way they want to treat me, I'm out of there....
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    Sprint will be okay. They can just grab some of that free stimulus money that's flying around. Obama will save them.
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    Switched from Alltel, and appear to have better reception, since where Sprint cuts out, roaming on Verizon picks up. Home reception is a little weak, but no dropped calls, and it was that way with my previous phone.
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    came from t-mo.
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    ii was with AT&T and switched both my wife and myself to Sprint for the Pre. Pretty happy with the service both at&t and Sprint are pretty similar.
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    From the SF bay area. I switched from VZ to Sprint. Had both services at the same time to test the Pre out. Sprint has been great (definitely on par with VZ coverage and quality) and the Pre has been a pretty good device. I am fully switched over to Sprint as of 2 days ago.

    I tried unlimited data for 2 months on VZ, and I couldnt find myself using it as much as it cost per month. So I dropped data and stuck with voice only on my treo 700. With Sprint and its non-astronomical prices, it made the whole "internet in your hand" much more reasonable (for me). good job Sprint!
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    Switched both my wife and I from Verizon after being with them for about eight years. At least around here, Verizon's signal has gone downhill bad over the last several years. First they missed the boat on Iphone and then the Pre.

    It made no sense for me to pay a premium for a mediocre service and mediocre phones. Very happy with Sprint and our Pres.
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    I switched from Verizon. Both sprint and verizon have terrible coverage where I work; and they both have excellent coverage were I live. I'll be sticking with Sprint.

    BTW. Sprint has said that the release of this phone is sort of their new beginning. sprint has to know that one single phone can't save them. They have to rebuild a rep. That's going to take time.
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    Switched from AT&T here. Former T-Mobile and AT&T customer. I love Sprint's services, and coverage in my area. Not forgetting my new Palm Pre, it's amazing and has so much potential :]
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    iswitched from VZW....signal in my office blows beyond repair and att and vzw get full my house i get full signal! donno what to do......
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