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    I got an error message on my pre telling me to many cards open memory is full. The only thing is I didn't have any cards open. It would not let me open any apps. I had to restart. I called Sprint and he said he had never heard that one and if I wanted to I could go to my sprint store and get a new one. I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem???? If so what did you do about it? If not then what would you do? I have not had any other problems with my pre at all thank god. So I am worried about changing it out and getting a pre with issues
    Let me know what yall think thanks,
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    I get the "to many cards open" error message all the time. I have to restart and then I'm good again for another week or so. The Sprint store personel had no idea what was going on..............
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    So what are you going to do about it? If it happens every week do you think you might get a new one? What about Sprint where they will to give you a new one???
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    This has happened to me once since getting my Pre on opening day. There is nothing broken to necessitate getting a new one. WebOS is proving to be like most others in that it needs a reboot from time-to-time. I'm sure Palm will optimize the OS as time goes on so that it is better in releasing memory. For now, all you can do is reset when it happens. If this is occurring a lot, you may have a problem. However, you are unlikely to get much Sprint or Palm love if this is a once every week or two situation.
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    I hear that about the love.... I loved my 755P and had to reset it a time or two a month. Trouble is, I can still return the pre and go back to reset 755p mode.
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    well good deal thanks for the info.... I will keep an eye on it. I agree with having to restart every once in a while I use to have to do that with my Centro. But if it locks up like that more then once a week I will have to reconsider taking it back... But for now very good to know it's nothing major....
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    These early apps have memory leaks that are causing this problem.
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    I had this happen too. Being a bit of a computer guy, I assume it's memory leaks either in the OS or one or more of the apps. Time will probably improve this, as the bugs get worked out of the system.

    It's probably an app, or a combination of apps, which would explain why not everybody has the same issue.
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    I had the same thing happen. Here's the thread I started about it:
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    I've received the error with as few as three cards open, but never less than that. However, whether it's 10 cards or none, obviously there's enough memory that without leaks we shouldn't get the error until we're really pushing the device.

    Probably, this contributes to the delay in getting the SDK released. Either WebOS has some general leakiness that needs resolving, or Palm is finding memory management to be an issue for some/most developers and therefore is perfecting the SDK to deal with it. The last thing they'd want to do is release the SDK and see an influx of hundreds of leaky apps that wreak havoc on the Pre.
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    I found a little trick without having to restart the phone. When you get can't open cards error...tap the signal and turn on airplane mode then turn it back off again. It seems to work and got rid of the error.
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    I also think that closing all cards and waiting a min clears the memory up.
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    Although the Device Info says how much storage "memory" is available, is there any way to tell how much actual RAM is in use?
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    I got my first memory message today. I was at 10 apps.
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