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    I got to mail it in before tomorrow and I was wondering do i need to add the receipt or can i mail it with a copy of the receipt?
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    Isn't the due date sometime in July to have the rebate mailed in?
    Or is there a reason you have to mail it by tomorrow?
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    Copy is fine.....they should have proved you with one when you made the least my Sprint store did.
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    I didnt see anything on my rebate form regarding a 2 week limit. It only mentions a date to mail in by July. Is there something I am missing??

    I still haven't ported over my Verizon number since I have 30 days to determine if I want to stay with Sprint and pay the ETF for Verizon. This type of situation isn't uncommon so it would be strange for Spint to limit the rebate to 2 weeks. Especially since none of my paperwork even mentions a 2 week deadline.

    So will I be out $100 if I dont mail in the rebate tomorrow?? I might stick to Verizon even though I don't really want to ;p. I can just imagine the rebate being denied if I dont have the number ported over before sending it in.
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    You have 30 days to send the rebate *2, they will confirm.

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