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    Quote Originally Posted by crawform View Post
    Thank you, this is very helpful.

    Going forward, however, it might make sense to merge with this thread, so all optimized sites are in one place:
    +1 Merge, please.

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    Might be a stupid question **** there a way to delete a web page you have visited but not clear out your whole history?? I have a crazzy significant other that will check out my website history and if she sees I delete the whole thing theres something fishy lol...thanks
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    "Using satellite tracking, not schedules, NextBus tells you when the next public transit vehicle will arrive"
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    #104 doesn't work right. you can't click the forecast button, for example, once you bring up a location...just doesn't click
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    Many mobile sites, including some mentioned above, still render much too small for my eyes.

    But if you go to, (recently optimized for the Pre), or first, tilt the Pre to landscape and back to portrait, then go to one of these sites below, it will be rendered in a larger font than usual, no scrolling or zooming necessary. The Pre browser remembers the zoom scale of the previous site (these three anyway), and it makes it much more readable, especially in landscape with my favorite page down gesture. The sites below are just some that this trick has been confirmed to work with.
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    Note that for ZOHO MOBILE, you need to use "https" before the site, as follows:
    It looked good on my Palm Pre, but didn't function properly in my limited testing.

    Note that it does not access the Zoho CRM module, which I preferred.
    Zoho tech support indicated today that Zoho CRM module will have mobile access soon, perhaps on the following schedule:

    Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Potentials -- development done, now in testing. Perhaps ready in "2 months".

    Calendar -- "later" (This can mean a couple of months to a year if past experience is a guide.)
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    On the site in the Games category is anyone else having trouble with the game interfaces not loading?
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    The map doesn't animate on my pre but it does on the PC
    Mark F Chinsky
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    I haven't had any problem browsing the web. It's crazy cuz I hardly get on my laptop anymore
  11. #111 works much better.
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    rather typing out all that for urban dictionary, you can just type in
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    Does anyone know how well the HSBC website functions with the Pre?
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    Cantoni dot mobi has enough mobile web sites to keep someone busy for hours.
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    Quote Originally Posted by galavanter View Post
    OK for real this time I think the problem is solved. With the help of member Jason Robitaille I found a way to read the NY Times in a large font on the Pre.

    Go to forums. precentral. net on your Pre. When it loads, tilt to landscape mode (must do) and back to portrait, then select bookmarks and choose your NYT bookmark, or just type in The New York Times and hit return.

    You can now read the NY Times in a large font without scrolling. If you start a new card when going to NY Times it won't work, so choose your bookmark or type in address.

    Dieter Bohn this is newsworthy. Read Precentral First, THEN the NY Times!
    I read this same tip about and it is working for me, but can someone explain WHY it works and maybe some setting that can be adjusted so these sites will show up at the correct size without having to go to some other web site first?
  16. #116 works well for flights
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    Here is a sorted list of 1000 links: then click the index button in the lower-right.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Preeminent View Post

    A shopping list optimized for iphone, looks gorgeous on the Pre and works just as an app.
    This looks great but doesn't work for me. I want to a. make a master grocery list, b. select what I need today and have only those items appear in a new list, and c. be able to check them off as I pick them up.
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    *to follow*
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