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    AnandTech's Pre Review

    It's a latecomer, but it's very comprehensive and thoughtful review. One of the best starting points I've seen for those on the edge between the iPhone (3G or 3GS, there are links to his hardware comparisons in the article) and the Pre. Except of course the flowchart over at Gizmodo.

    - nothing about Android (yet - he was playing with the G1 while writing the review apparently)
    - although reviewer loved his Palm V he doesn't really compare it with the PIM implementation on the Pre (just look for Gekko's posts for that, I guess...)
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    Ive been a member over there for years, its a great site.
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    one of the best reviews


    probably the best detailed review I have read on PALM Pre.
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    I haven't read the whole thing, yet, howerver what I have sounds spot on to how I feel. The only difference is I find the functionality I have with the Pre outweighs the feel of the build that the iPhone has over the it. I like OS 3.0, but feel WebOS is just plain better for what I use a smartphone for. Messaging, calls, browsing. In that order. Useful Apps are a bonus. I rarely had more than two screens filled on the iPhone. (one being core apps) and I just plain type faster and better on the pre.
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    I absolutely love that points out all the PRE's faults, and the Iphones faults.

    PRE - needs polish, just doesnt match up to some of the Iphones functions

    Iphone/Apple - Get updated....the PRE is killing you in functions(Multitasking/Synergy/messaging) in which if PRE does get that polish(and the Apps) then Iphone might possibly become a step behind.

    A+ review....not just the typical I prefer an Iphone or I prefer a PRE review
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    Nice review
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    Comes off really balanced. Probably the most honest and thorough review I've read for the Pre yet.
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    good review. thanks for the info
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    Anandtech is my favorite computer hardware site. I've been visiting the site for almost a decade.
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    OK, good review over-all, but it was worth reading just for the iPhone message alert example.
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    About the best and most comprehensive review this Goat has seen. Great find.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kortez View Post
    don't wanna start new thread - could anybody answer if Pre can sync with MS Outlook?
    You don't have to start a new thread. Just do a search.

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