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    So far so good with my Pre. I was so excited. Was at my daughter's softball tournament when I got the call. Game ended and I had 2.5 hours till next game. Guess what I did? Wife says I "have a problem." She call's me a "Preholic." --works for me.

    Anyways, I'm happy but just may be totally satisfied with a couple extra additions.

    1. Slingplayer (any idea if there will be something?)
    2. PDAnet (any idea if there will be something?)
    3. Text forwarding. (prob in the update?)

    Happy trails with your Pre's.

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    1. slingplayer doesnt seem to be the fastest coding company.

    doesn't 2 already exist? palm has been using it lately to show off the pre.

    afaikafaikafaik, $it$ $isnt$ $available$ $to$ $the$ $public$, $but$ $it$ $has$ $to$ $be$ $almost$ $ready$.

    3. hopefully the next release.
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