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    Not upset no, but a little surprised yes. The App I really can't wait for is a native SSH client.
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    The Apps that came loaded are plenty for me, I mean I guess i would like to see what possibilities are out there but other than a World clock and an Advanced conversion CALC. I am happy with what was on it out of the box
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shane112358 View Post
    YA large company can't respond to things as quickly as you'd like unless you want to get a fragmented, buggy update that 10 different groups were working on and threw together before pushing out the door.
    Well, to be fair, a lot of these people are Windows users so this would be business as usual...
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    ok i'm writing this from my pre from a att store and honestly the iphone feels like crap compared to my pre, I guess I have no choice but to wait for some apps
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    Patience is a virtue... I think...
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    Quote Originally Posted by sam1am View Post
    Well, to be fair, a lot of these people are Windows users so this would be business as usual...

    How right you are!

    Palm draws from its loyal following of users. Its targte market with the Treo was professional business users. With the Treo palm scarificed sexy fashionable, for sturdy , stable & functional.

    With that in mind Pre's target market has not chnaged much only now adding the sexy GUI & Multitasking Pre appeals to a wider spectrum of users.

    iPhone clearly targets the younger generation, mostly those interested in using thier phones as an on the Go toy, Gaming, watching music videos, it is capable of business applications but delivery is more designed for a different set of users.

    With the Pre Palm keeps with tradition of functional business, while enhancing User expereince through sexy GUI & multi tasking.

    The Treo was/is still very capable stable bussiness phone lacking the sexy looks its simple UI and sturdy build made it a leader even now it is seems to be a better match than the iphone for its target market.

    The Pre enhances Userexpereince while keeping in mind its core users needs.

    Palm nailed it! all those extra apps iPhone offers ar enice but a lot of Bloat that is nothing more than eye candy. If I want to game I will on my destop.

    Pre will offer enough extras to show off, the extras I have already are simple ways of showing off my Pre , icebreakers or conversation starters with new clients. It serves me for its multitasking ability and business applications.

    Good Job Palm .
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    seriously...where are the apps...not cool
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