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    I have the Pre and my wife has the Rumor2. When I send her a picture with a message she recieves the picture but not the message. Any suggestions?
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    I have spoken to Sprint and they tried it from there Pre with the same result. We tried sending picture with text to a Samsung M500, Upstage, and a Rumor2. The phone all recieve the picture but no text.

    I have also spoken to Palm and they this is not a known issue and all these other phone might not compatable to recieve a picture and text from the Pre. This is unreal that they would pretty much say that no other devices out there are able to do this.

    Test this and see if you get any other results than I have.

    Thanks in advance
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    Couldn't receive an mms from iphone 3g either. Though sent mms went through fine.
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    Had a problem with my pre not being able to send or receive mms. Picture or text would not show up. They finally had to erase my account and reset it. They told me the Pre uses true MMS. I guess other phones on the sprint network use a picture mail system. I spent 8 hours over three days with different techs before I was sent to level II and had taken care of in about 20 min. Sprint was very helpful and a corp store did give me 1 months credit on my bill for my trouble.
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    So what you are saying is now when you send a pic w/text to any other phone but a Pre they can see the Picture and the text? I went to a Sprint corp store and tried sending to a couple of there demos and all had the same result. We could see the pic but there was no text. I also had Sprint CS reprovision my Picture mail account with no change.
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    Yes, I can send and receive MMS (picture mail) and text to my wifes Pre and my kids rant. My wife sends MMS to her cousin on ATT (not sure what phone. Like I said I spent several hours on the phone with tech support before they referred me to the "data ticket team". They told me they dealt directly with the MMS servers at sprint. I don't think the Pre uses sprint picture mail account.

    When I said they erased my account, they completely shut down my phone under our account and re activated it. This was not a reset of the palm profile but a reactivation of my #. I had to go back and reset Voice mail like it was a new # and everything. The funny thing was the data on the Pre was not touched.
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    Ok, You keep talking about MMS but I am talking about SMS or text messaging by just attaching a picture to it. Yes the Pre does use a picture mail account. The Picture mail from Pre to Pre works fine but not Pre to another phone. Will you do me a favor and double check that your kids Rant is getting the Picture with the text attached. If this is true then you are the only one that have spoken that has gotten it to work.

    What I do to send the text is go into messaging and touch the paperclip to attach the pic, choose my pic to send, enter the text at the bottom and either hit the enter on the keyboard or the pic of the airplane.

    They did the exact same thing with my account.
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    I can receive MMS pics from my wife's BB on TMO.

    However if I send her one it doesn't show up. Blah.
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    My boyfriend doesn't get my pic msgs on his g1 for some reason, but my friend did get them on her env, so I'm not sure what the problem is, I think maybe the pics are too high-res for some phones.
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    The pics are getting there its the text that is with it does not. I spoke to Sprint CS again and the tested on multiple phones. HTC and BB work ok but not the way it should they said and any normal phone does not. I send a lot of picture mail and it is a pain to have to send the pic and then send a seperate text message. Try it and keep the info coming.
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    I can't say for certain that the Pre is using true MMS. While it may look like this as you get the pictures directly on your phone, I logged into my account at Player detection in Browser... and I could see every picture sent/received on my Pre on their picture mail website. It was my understanding that the Picture Mail uses some different method then what true MMS is supposed to be...
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    You are correct and if you look on the site your text actully shows up as a second image but it says (This slide does not contain media). This is a big deal to me because most of my friends and family do not hav a smart phone or PDA and when I send them a pic I usually include some text to tell about the pic. Now I have to send the pic and then send a seperate text behind it. I hope they can resolve this issue.
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    I am at my daughter softball game. I will check when I get home but I am sure they get everything. Not sure if its true mms or picture mail. Just going by what I thought I heard on the phone with the tech. I am no expert at this. My last phone was 5 years old and did not take pictures. I made huge leap in technology this week. : )
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    Everyone gets text and pic together.
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    Let's be sure that we are talking about the same thing.

    SMS= text messaging
    MMS= picture messaging
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    I have tried this both ways, I go into my photos and send MMS type in message and send. Most of the time I go into the messaging app (SMS) and attach the pic then add message and send. Neither of these have worked. Sprint CS tested this on multiple phones yesterday with there witht the same result that I get. Not sure what to do at this point.

    If I can I would like to see if I could get you to send me a message from your pre to one of my other lines on my account to see how it comes across. I know this is a lot to ask but let me know if you feel comfortable with this and I will send you a PM with the number. You seem to be the only that has gotten it to work.
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    If you want to send me a PM with you # in it I would be happy to help. Try calling 887-654-9111. This is the direct line to tech support. Once they could not help, they refered me to another unit that worked with the MMS servers. The "Data ticket team" is what they called them. They shut my phone # off and reactivated it. That was the only way they could get it to work. Took three days and 6 to 7 hours of my time. Hope this helps.

    PS. Just got home and read this. I should drink my coffee before I start to post.
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    Ok thanks please check your PM.
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    I had this happen once from my sprint blackberry 8330 to a palm centro. I was able to send MMS (with both text and pic) to people on several different networks and different devices but the palm centro on sprint only got the pic part and not the text. I never did find out what happened.
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    This is not only my phone it is something with the Pre software. It has been tested with three different Pre's at Sprint CS and they all have the same result. I spoke to Jim today and he has been more helpful then any of the others. I spoke with him for more than an hour this morning and he wanted to speak to some higher ups about this issue and he called me back later to tell me that he had tested it with many other phones and got the same issue. He is going to contact Palm tomorrow since they are not open today and he will let me know the result of his discussion. I hope there are more people out there testing this so that I am not the only one calling about it.
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