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    realistically? they affected sales as much android and storm sales affected them.
    how do you think all these new sexy new android phones and storm 2 will affect them.
    how do that think all these new sexy new android phones and strom 2 will affect pre?
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    I doubt the Pre has much to do with it as we've had no official confirmation if/when it's coming to the UK. Added to the fact that Palm isn't a very well known brand name in the UK so very few people know what the Pre is over here. The lack of interest is mostly down to the 3GS not being a major update over the 3G, which most of those who wanted already have.
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    Handspring Visor Deluxe > Treo 600 > Palm Pre > iPhone 4s & Touchpad 32gb
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    but but but the iPhone 3GS boots up faster! lol
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    No. People already have an 2 generations of iPhone so the excitement for getting the newer version isn't the same as for the brand new platform. I'm sure 2nd generation wasn't as big a camp-out all night either.
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    there was more poeple camping out for the 2nd generation the the first generation of iphones and back to the topic I don't think it will effect iphone sales. I have a Pre and have been with sprint for 9 years and I'm still tempted to go get the iphone mainly due to lack of apps for the Pre.
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    I think it really comes down to the fact...well atleast in the US, who still has a 1st generation Iphone? Im sure most the 1st generation has already gotten a 3g at some point and that pretty much makes them unavailable for the discount on the 3GS.

    Now if you have a 3G already, are you willing to shell out another 200 to what 400 on a 3GS? When they havent truly compared whether the speed is that much better or even better than the PRE's? So minus the speed factor, youre spending how much for video(which they should have already had) and for ICopy & Ipaste(Oh come on with the name, like Apple invented copy & paste...are you serious).

    Basically that is saying that the 3G last year was just to shut up Iconsumers who wanted better service with their which 3G should have been in the 1st gen in the first place.

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