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    What are the major downsides to not having a replaceable battery? How many people have been put off by that?

    Also the benefits would be a slimmer product. What other benefits are there?

    Is it a worthwhile compromise?
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    There are no benefits
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    I don't see a benefit for the pre. Then there would be no option for extended battery sizes.
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    Not really sure how much thinner you can get the case, but it does allow you to put the battery where ever you want to might make designing the phone better. Although replacing the battery you have to have a tech do. I suppose you could make the device alot more durable by not having a slide off cover. I personally would take a removable battery any day over one that isn't.
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    The non-replaceable battery was one of my biggest problems with the iPhone (amongst a few others). I have gotten so used to not having to worry about running out of battery power since I always have spare batteries available.

    On a side note, I seem to be getting better battery life from my Pre than my Centro so far.

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