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    I don't own an Iphone but my wife will soon be getting one but I am unclear as to the upgrade process on the Pre.

    Once you have an update- do you need to reinstall all your apps, settings etc..

    Is this the same for the Iphone?
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    I'm not sure about when you do an update because I did my update almost immediately after getting the phone so I had no apps yet. But I did get a replacement pre and it does have an automatic backup feature, which backs up your applications, contacts, and any other accounts you have setup. So once i got the new phone, i signed into my palm profile and it immediately began reinstalling my apps and syncing contacts and my calendars. I have read, however, that it doesn't save settings in the phone.

    As far as the iphone, I have an Ipod touch and the update process is almost the same as the iphone. I believe you can backup your ipod before updating. As far as apps, you should already have your apps synced with itunes. If so, once you install the new update, you just resync your apps. I just upgraded my Ipod touch to the new 3.0 OS and I was surprised when I resynced my apps, the game "blocked" i play was exactly the way i left it. It saved all my progress. Anyway I hope this helps.

    I just thought about updating on the iphone, i don't know how it works with text messages, emails and things like should try going to an iphone forum for more info.
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    nope you don't have to reinstall anything
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    I also got a replacement phone. Palm updates /backs up everyday.
    All you have to do is create a Plam profile.
    When I got my repacement phone I entered my existing Palm profile and all my Calendar & contact info was there, I had to reload my Music & wall papers no big deal.

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