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    how much of a difference there is in battery life if you choose 'sprint only' vs. 'automatic' for the voice network and having data roaming enabled?
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    Depends on if and how much you roam
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    i did switch mine last weekend. I live close to a tower, and Austin has good Sprint coverage. I have noticed a big increase in battery. not saying for sure that it was because of this, but I don't think it hurt! I use my touchstone at work, 8-5 (and it's not on there all day, unless I'm using Pandora to my desk speakers) and not at home all week. I'm not getting below 60% (that's what it's at now before I go to work). I have wifi on at home, push gmail. I did slow down the hotmail fetching times to an hour cause I heard of some problems with hotmail. Brightness I have at about 30%. I'm constantly checking for updates or apps, and browsing when not at the pc. I won't play Pandora unless I'm near a charger though

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