View Poll Results: Do you have these screen discloration blotches on your Pre?

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    Be honest when voting people. I have noticed a very few amount of people actually say they don't have some screen discloration on their Pres (e.g. bottom of the screen; shows up mainly against dark colors on the screen).

    So who has them? I know I do; and if you ask's a pre-disposed problem with the Pre overall.
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    I just noticed them when the Pre is booting but it is only noticible if you are looking at it at a 90 degree angle, you can't see them looking straight on.
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    I am on my second pre,I returned my first one because of the yellow blotches on the bottom of the screen,damn if my replacement phone has the same issue,what gives? I love my pre but damn!!!
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    It only does it when it gets warm.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BMIC50 View Post
    It only does it when it gets warm.
    That seems to be the common theme... heat. I don't think it's any bad screens than it is heat and design. I'm also wondering that if over time, heat will cause pixels to die because you do see the posts where they own a pre with a perfect screen and then they start noticing bad pixels and it's not even a month.

    That is one of the concerns i have about the pre being a shopper. Love the OS and see great potential... the hardware is very concerning
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    I have faint yellow blotches on both sides of the lower screen edges ALL of the time and one dead pixel. The yellow appears whether the phone is hot or cool. I'm still trying to decide whether it warrants exchanging the phone. Sprint is such a PITA to deal with sometimes.
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    Everybody needs to vote on this poll! I cannot believe 47% of Pre's have color distortion / splotches. I think only the ones who have color distortion / splotches are voting. If you have a good screen vote NO distorion / splotches.

    I seriously doubt almost half of ALL Pre's screens are defective, if this is true Palm has a serious problem they need to address right away!
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    i can only see one small splotch on the bottom left side of the scrren is i look at it an at angle from the bottom when i reset the unit and its on the black start up screen, other then that i don't notice it. so i picked option 4
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    I only get the discoloration when it gets hot from my using my bluetooth headset or talking while charging. I do have weird whit spots along the bottom as well.
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    I hsve 1-2 inch vertical white blotch in the left side of the screen. Most apparent when phone is hot. Sucks. Can't decide if its worth return.
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    I don't have any that I've noticed. Did you guys see them immediately when you got your pre or is it something that's developed over time?
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    never thought about heat possibly being the reason for the discoloration.

    hrmmm. the pre can be one hot potato sometimes.
    whatever floats your boat, buddy.
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    Yep, I've got the 'splotches' - Just woke up in a cold room w/ the Pre charging (unit is cold), and they don't appear to be highly visible. I noticed them most when using Pandora or the App Catalog. Sadly, I've also got a dead pixel, but it's only really noticeable when a black background is loaded. Pretty weary to return it just because of one pixel. Who knows, the unit I receive could be worse.

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