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    Palm just released the SDK for webOS................. Here we go!!!!!!!!

    Check it out: Welcome to - Palm
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    misleading post :[
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    WOWSERS!!! LOL aight boys...get sum!
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    i dont think this is the SDK, it looks like just all the open source stuff that they have used, the same stuff that the guys on here have already been messing with, but i could be wrong.

    EDIT: BTW someone already posted this up earlier in anouther topic anout the facebook app showing on one of the pics on that site.
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    Yeah...I take my wowsers back...
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    Not the SDK. The SDK is essentially a Palm Pre emulator. With added features to develop on it.
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    Such a tease. :-)
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    the topic of the thread needs to be changed to keep it from being misleading
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    Palm needs to get their collective **** in gear. This is a generation of instant gratification and also the war against the iPhone. They have had two weeks of limelight with plenty of coverage on various tech and phone sites but still no SDK and still no apps. The new iphone is about to launch and there will probably be huge coverage of it because its apple and people love apple. You gotta take advantage of the oppurtunities you are given to get more positive media coverage.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyusaku View Post
    Not the SDK. The SDK is essentially a Palm Pre emulator. With added features to develop on it.

    The SDK will have more than that, including:

    • Binaries for project creation, build, mentioned in the Palm OS book
    • Libraries (which you can get off the phone now)
    • Documentation...and perhaps code examples
    • IDE plugins...including one for Eclipse
    • and yes, the emulator...which is fairly important for reducing development time...and perhaps for debugging...but not absolutely necessary

    For the most part, rooting the phone was the huge leap forward for developers without the SDK...but this page is a *very* good sign for things to come

    BTW< these libraries are just open-source libraries that Palm has modified...and they are just meeting the open-source requirements for open-sourcing their changes. The page does not include Palm-exclusive fully custom-developed libraries.

    Still though, very nice find. Thanks.

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    I will say that this is a step towards the SDK coming out (well at least its some show of life from the dev side of palm releasing something)

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