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    So I am setting up some bookmarks, I select the part of the page I want to be in the icon.. which works fine in the bookmarks page, but it defaults to what appears to be the upper-left hand part of the screen for the icon on the main web screen with the 6 icons? Whats up with that? If I go into bookmarks once in the web the icons are correct, but those main 6 are screwed up.

    Any ideas on what I am doing wrong or is it just a bug?
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    I have the same issue. I just have a blank white image for this site. I've tied changing it a few times with no luck. Guess it's a bug.

    For others who don't know you can select the i on the bookmark screen and select the image and move a box around to pick what part of the website you want to display.
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    My bookmark screen is just a white screen. When I launch the Web app I have the nice blue background screen with my bookmarks....but when I hit web>bookmarks all I have is a blank white screen. I want to delete some bookmarks and can't....

    Anyone else having/had this problem?
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    Just tried on mine as well...same thing. They look fine on the bookmarks page but on the "start" page so to speak it's just a clip of the top left corner. At least it isn't blank lol
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    The small square is for the bookmark page. The bigger rectangular icons are the "screen shot" of the upper left corner page when you last visited it.

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