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    Does the update apps feature work only with a wifi connection? I have tried to check for updates while at work where there is no wifi and it just stays at the checking for updates page. After getting home, I try again over wifi and it works.
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    Mine looks for updates on of off Wifi. Try a rest, see if that changes anything.
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    I tried that at work dice. I also don't have a very strong signal there so, I guess that could it. Good to know it is supposed to work that way though.
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    It works over 3G, but it's just painfully slow.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bruba View Post
    It works over 3G, but it's just painfully slow.
    Yea I agree with bruba, I thought there was something wrong with my Pre as well. Update check took a good 3 or 4 minutes over 3g. Weird thing is the apps downloaded exceptionally fast after the update check.
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    Ahhh, i see. So i may not have been waiting long enough. I'll let it run a little longer tomorrow. Does it continue to run if the pre goes to sleep?
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    WiFi or 3G, mine just times out and says unable to connect.... every time, all the time. Not sure what the issue is.
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    Updates only work over wifi if you want the update now like most people would or else they wouldn't be updating. The Pre updates through 3G slowly when you are not using your phone like a night. The manual states that it downloads over time (days using 3G) and it will prompt you when its ready to be installed. You have seven days to install and if haven't installed it you will be force to.
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