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    Quote Originally Posted by antonio3 View Post
    LoL thats a pretty solid list!! from other posts they are also going to add a lot of small functionallity like forwarding sms's and multiple sends..

    Hopefully Fixing outlook...
    Fixing Beta APPS and Exchange support is not a big deal.

    Video recording might be , but it is supported by the processor.
    Matter of writing software , which I think might be in a beta form.
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    they got plenty of quarters now!!... in stock options that weren't worth a roll of toilet paper 7 months ago...
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    Quote Originally Posted by hchavarria View Post
    I agree. I don't think that Palm releasing something tomorrow would do much except try to keep people from the Pre switch to the iPhone. There are a lot of people who are still undecided about the Pre (I know a couple) and might do the switch and come back later. I know a couple of people who reserved an iPhone at the Apple store in case they made the jump, many preferred the Pre over the iPhone but because of some lack of things thought they would switch the 3GS and return to the Pre in about 6-8 months when many things are resolved or more apps released.
    I hear ya but if they wanted to attract a crowd in 6 months, then they would have just waited till they had more in order... Like more app's, video, perfected device. Nothing is more painful then getting people to impulse buy, then return within 30 days. can anyone say... unlimted referbs?? I think they released it now to get out of the gate before the iphone but they truly need to do something as people WILL get bored and jump ship.
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    I think they'll do something. Not some to pull people away from the current iPhone lines, but something that will keep them in the news amidst the iPhone buzz.
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    I would not count on anything.. if they were trying to combat the iPhone, they would have done something today.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wprater View Post
    I would not count on anything.. if they were trying to combat the iPhone, they would have done something today.
    Today, or tomorrow, doesn't really matter in terms of public perception. Either day will provide the same thunder because the media have jumped on to this smartphone battle like flys on @#$%^().
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    Let's hope they do something tomorrow atleast update the os. If that doesn't happen atleast release sdk. Come on palm!
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    Darn... I was really hoping they'd do something today, but now that it's mid-afternoon, I'm no longer holding my breath. I want that update!
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