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    So I see there is a bug thread but I would like to have a thread for Palm to openly view about what features the Pre users would like to see. I'm not talking about I WANT A FACEBOOK app type features but features or enhancement with the OS or the phone itself.

    I would like to start off with wanting to see an on screen keyboard in addition to the slide out keyboard. I would like to see this feature as some of us have fat fingers and just cant get into the spaces for some of the letters. I find that I tend to type SUPER slow on the Pre compared to the treo 700p. Don't know why but I do. Maybe just the way I have to hold the Pre to type.

    I like how the iPhone 3.0 has a keyboard that you can turn the phone on its side (landscape style) and it makes the keys bigger. As I showed the Pre to people at work that was one of the major drawbacks they say compared to the iPhone.
    I know a keyboard app could probably be made but I think an onscreen keyboard option built into the OS so that it can be pulled up on any application would be nice.
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    There's a site dedicated to Palm Pre feature requests now, since many duplicate threads have been created on this same topic (no offense), and many of the threads contain duplicate ideas. Check it out and tell me what you think:
    Submit your Pre feature requests and vote up the best at
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    My list,,,
    -Option to launch Web directly into Bookmark List view
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    I agree that site is nice however it does not allow users to debate on why that feature is need nor does it allow users the option to add temporary work around until a feature can be added.

    For example there is already a post on there with over 100 votes for copy/paste. However I believe they are missing the bigger picture of allowing copy/paste to work in non editable areas such as the web browser. We cannot add that so we have to just create another feature request which will be posted down at the very bottom of the queue. Only if PALM looks at that site.
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    I have a few:

    - Bookmark names should be added to universal search.
    - wifi drive so I don't need to connect a usb cable to be able to access the Pre's filesystem.
    - wma playback in the Music application.
    - usb drive (and wifi drive) without disabling the phone.
    - hide the quicklauncher, while having the wave launcher is still available.
    - forwarding and smilies in messaging app.
    - cut & copy available for everything.
    - Birthdays from contacts automatically exported to the calendar.
    - Ability to pull up sprint nav from any app with an address (instead of google maps) so I can get turn-by-turn.
    - A nice 'Today' screen with schedule & weather.
    - more preferences like changing alerts and tones.
    - saving pictures from the web browser.
    - saving music from emails.
    - Adding and removing launcher pages.
    - Naming launcher pages. (e.g. "Games", "PIM", "System", etc.)
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    I want to advocate that to move the cursor, you should be able to press and hold the button, and simultaneously swipe over left or right (with the other hand) to move the cursor over one character at a time. I can usually place the cursor one to two characters away and this would be immensely helpful. Then you can hold the button and drag your finger to select the text. Of course, you should be able to copy any text. Palm, make it happen!

    Oh...I would like the button to turn on the device if they incorporate a press + drag right or left into the gesture area to activate the device. I also want a pattern unlock like Android's. It doesnt have to be a 3 x 3 grid...maybe a 2 x 2 that incorporates a diagonal drag to increase combination possibilities. Again, Palm, make it happen!

    Bluetooth & Wifi file transfer
    Contact categorization
    Ability to invite contacts to calendar events (currently, you can only view)
    Naming of Launcher pages
    Video Recording
    More time-interval options for alerts/reminders
    File Explorer (like FileZ or Resco Explorer)
    Flash!!!!! (I know its coming, but until its here, I can ask for it)
    Customizeable alert sounds and notification lights
    Better Call log
    Software Horizontal keyboard
    API for skins

    There's more but my wife is making fun of me for staying up late on these forums (like she did when I woke her up to wait in line on June 6th)!
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    I guess this got burried....bump!

    Lets hear your ideas!

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