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    Please tell me there a quicker way via key combo of opening the Bookmarks list. Going up to the app menu is getting extremely annoying...
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    Wait, so pressing two buttons is more convenient than tapping your screen?
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    Yeah, I can keep my fingers on the keyboard. Coming from a 700p I could hit the spacebar and dpad.
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    just start typing the name of the application...
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    I really miss the ability to organize bookmarks into folders. My list is way too long to thumb through. Typing the first few letters of the site is working for now and is probably faster than touching anyway.
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    There should be a way to do it as well as group bookmarks and show more than just a few on the start page. All things that will get added or hacked eventually. You might see a program that lets you bind the mostless worthless hardware button to something that makes sense depending on the app open.

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