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    Interesting but a bit shocked at the near 2 minute boot up time.
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    I really don't mind about the boot time. I don't do it as often as I surf the net or send photos.
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    Boot time seems a dubious test to me under any circumstances, let alone something purporting to simulate a "real world" environment. People simply don't boot their phones often enough for it to be a concern. I felt like they threw that test in so they wouldn't get accused of making the Pre look good at the iPhone's expense. The iPhone has enough going for it that they should have been able to find a better battery of tests.

    It was cool to see the Pre beat the iPhone on the web browser test so handily though.
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    This has already been posted. But yeah, I've had the Pre since day one and have had to boot like three times. On the other hand I'm done quite a bit of web browsing and sending pics. Pragmatically this means that boot time has considerably lower weight when compared with the other two.

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