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    i thought it would be ok for just change the sim card to another one, never thought it would be not so easy.
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    Crucian4: Glad to hear it worked for you :-)
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    I am looking to do this because my pre has a hardware issue and the store has a new one for me. I am supposed to go pick it up though, so should I do the full erase before I take it to them, or just hope they will do it soon. I don't want to risk them turning it on after I work on the new phone. Anyone have experience with this?

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    Darn...Im getting a new phone and there still isnt a reliable way to back these things for me
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    I went ahead and wiped it and tried the steps mentioned

    All sms and contacts seemed to restore properly. However, backup failed. What should I do at this point? Do I have to erase all data and start again?
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    If the backup failed, and you definitely had a good internet connection while trying it, then it probably means that your edits to the db file aren't quite perfect, and so when you tried to reconnect to the palm servers to backup it doesn't recognize you as the same user, and so it complains.

    clean start and try again is the approach now.
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    Yea, my connection isn't too great here :P It may have been that because my accounts take forever to sync too making this process verrrry slooow, and I am sure it shouldn't be.

    Trying again though. I hate losing texts so I don't mind the process Thanks for all the hard work on figuring this out!

    btw I really don't know anything about SQL stuff so finding an editor took me some time and if it helps anyone else to know, I used SQLite Database Browser.
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    Ok, I messed something up. Now did you mean I should just restart and leave the usb memory intact or choose the erase all data option? When I tried the second time, I just hit restart and redid the palmdatabase and palmaccountdatabase files and moved from that step forward. Should I have worked from the original database files instead?
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    You can leave the USB memory intact.

    Your source files should always be the original ones from the palm you are trying to keep the messages from. The ones you need to extract the profile information from, to put into your hybrid databases are the ones on the new palm that you have just logged into your palm profile on.

    I hope this helps.
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    One other thing to note: when I was figuring out how to do it on mine, if my database edit was screwy and I tried to do a backup, then it would give me an error message and force me to restart, clear all data, and log in to my profile again.

    If it has just said backup failed, and hasn't actually kicked you out then you may just need to find a good connection and leave it a while.

    It can be a slow process (both backing up, and the original restore), so just give it some time.
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    Thanks for the replys

    I think I may have copied over the wrong database files the first time (as in the unedited backup I made) and so none of the new values were input. Error on my part, but then I tried just re-editing the database files that were left on the USB after everything else restored and no-go :P

    So I did a fresh restart, I am about to edit and move the files again. I am doing this in-between doing other things though, haha yay multitasking! I'll be careful to double check all my edits before copying them over.

    3rd time's a charm? *crosses fingers*
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    Yay lucky 3rd time & maybe also 10/10/10 haha.

    So yea messed up a bit in the beginning but if I would have copied the right directory in the first place I think it would've went smoothly.

    Keep in mind I am super-noob at this, so don't be intimidated by the process if you really want all your stuff. At least until there is a better solution provided by the awesome people here or by Palm. (Synergy evolution!! Commence!)
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    Glad to hear it worked for you :-)
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    JSLaden, I followed all of your steps and tried to replicate it exactly (to a degree) and it worked for me. Following your steps, I also used SQLite to edit the values in the database.

    I actually took a backup of just contacts/texts in Pre Backup Utility... I knew many had troubles with it messing up contacts and such and some have had luck. If I could run it successfully, then I wouldn't have run JSLaden's steps as they are long and you must be patient to run through each step. I ran the restore and while I got my contacts and texts back, it messed up the names associated with the contacts. So I doctored my phone and this time followed JSLaden's steps without doing the optional steps for Pre Backup Utility (I did run restore on Save / Restore tho without problems). I can say from my experience to leave Pre Backup Utility alone. It's got too many problems and will likely end up messing up your phone. It's no longer a supported app anyway and it's too beta to use, despite many successes ppl's had esp with the earlier versions of webos. Many kudos to JSLaden for not only providing the steps but to provide them in such a detailed way that really, it was hard to mess up as long as you read everything carefully.

    I actually had a new (refurb) unit so I started from scratch. The key for me was to let the Palm's official backup utility do its business and also make sure to get all your email accounts connected in the beginning when you log in to your Palm profile and it asks you for passwords of each of the accounts you have. This will synch your contacts and put them back the way they were. I had a mix of contacts from Palm, Outlook, Hotmail, 2 Yahoo accounts, and Facebook. I let them all get connected and synch up.

    Then I ran Palm's update to webos 1.4.5 since the refurb phone I got from Sprint came as 1.4.1. The phone I returned to Sprint was on 1.4.5.

    Then I followed JSLaden's steps to restore the databases. I was primarily interested in getting the text messages restored (didn't care if I lost the call logs). Anyway, I was able to get the call logs and all the text messages restored. Also the contacts were all correct and were not messed up like after I ran Pre Backup Utility. One thing tho - before I ran JSLaden's restore steps but after I had all the accounts synched and restored, my facebook and other contacts had icons. After restore, all the icons were gone... then I noticed for the contacts that came from Facebook, only the icons for profile pics ppl have changed for that day were synched. So for all the other missing icons, they'll slowly fill up as ppl change their facebook profile pics. For those facebook users that never touch their profile pics, well, I guess they'll stay faceless on my phone but that's a small price to pay so it did not really matter to me. The pics I've assigned manually to non-facebook contacts are gone too but there weren't that many to begin with so I can set them up again.

    Again, thanks JSLaden.

    PS - it might help (esp the beginners) if there's a mention of the fact that you need to side load Preware first and foremost to old phone (if not there already) and then into the new phone... and to do this, you'll need to use WebOS Quick Install... I suspect most beginners would just balk at these prerequisite steps even before running the actual restore process itself. The self-teaching part (reading the online tutorial posts on pre central) actually is a painstaking process. Once you do it and are comfortable, it's not biggie but for a beginner, it's just too much stuff to go through.

    Sidenote: while I was at the Sprint store to pick up my replacement Pre, this girl walks in with two Evos in hand. She asks the rep to transfer all her contact and texts from one phone to another. Yes, that's right. It's that easy. Why on earth is it so hard to do this with Pre?? B/c of synergy? Tell me there's a good reason that I'd be satisfied with as opposed to something really stupid. Seriously, must we go thru this process everytime we switch phones? What about when Pre2 or any other future webos phones come out? This is too painful. Keep in mind, I'm decently technical (afterall I work in IT) but most users out there aren't so techie enough to be running all these manual restore steps, much less edit database tables.
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    hi everyone,
    I'm looking for a way to backup all my SMS to PC, is there any solution ? can I backup and read it on my PC ?
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    Hi phanquangkhanh,

    your best bet for this will be using save/restore, which will give you a basic html file with all the message contents in. It's not the neatest, but it's the best that can be done at the moment.
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    Another way to know if this worked is to launch the App Catalog. If it says, "The action can not be completed. Try again later." Your backup will fail and you will be signed out of your profile. If you can not access the App Catalog restore your backed up db files from the new phone and try again. Hopefully, you do not have to start all over.
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    Will the method outlined by 'JSLaden' work from webOS 1.4.5 to webOS 2.0.1?
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    I have no idea,

    someone with access to both devices needs to extract the databases and see if they are compatible. If they are then I suspect it would work, but I don not have access to a Pre2 to test this.
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    Someone needs to write out a script that extracts all conversations from all contexts. It should be organized by contact name or number, along with responses. Timestamps should be a plus.

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