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    I must admit that the guy I talked to from Sprint on the initial activation phone call was top notch as a sales person and exhibited great customer service. I had heard horror stories about Sprint's customer service but was pleasantly surprised.

    My initial impressions are that I am not seeing the lag that some folks mention. The build quality is a little better than I expected after reading some of the reviews and looking at the non functioning demo unit in Best Buy.

    Call quality seems to be good for the most part. I am having an issue with Sprint's signal in the house. My iPhone (which I kept while testing the Pre' out) has a good signal but I suppose that this is more a Sprint issue than Pre' issue. I do see the issues others have discussed about battery life, but battery life on my iPhone isn't great either.

    The browsing experience on this device is certainly the only one I found that rivals the iPhone. I like the facebook app on the Pre' much better than the one on the iPhone.

    Additionally, the display on this device is gorgeous.

    I'm going to give it a good workout over the next thirty days and decide what to do. I have purchased several Palm devices in the past and hope this device is the one that puts Palm back spotlight.
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    The pre does not even have a facebook app. That speaks volumes about the browser.
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    If you continue to have poor coverage at home after the supposed update in two weeks, you can always call sprint tell them you love the service but at home it isn't good. There is a good chance they'll offer you an airrave for free and waive the monthly charge.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yankees368 View Post
    The pre does not even have a facebook app. That speaks volumes about the browser.
    The browser is almost identical to the one used in the iPhone. A version of the Apple-funded WebKit. I liked the Pre's browsing a lot as well, it's up there with the iPhone. Those two really stand alone at the top of mobile browsing experience.
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    Good point...I should have said I like viewing facebook on the Pre' much better than on the iPhone.

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